Genex tower - Belgrade’s symbol of development

One of the most notable symbols of Belgrade that has welcomed us for decades whenever we enter the city has been listed in the register of cultural property – for all the good reasons.

Genex tower - Belgrade’s symbol of development

After so many years have passed, earlier this year, at the initiative of the mayor of Belgrade, the clock on the "Genex Tower", better known as the Western Gate of Belgrade, was finally repaired and put into work. Although in these modern times, this clock no longer has the significance it had back in 1980, when it was originally put into operation, its relaunching still has a symbolic significance that will certainly please many of us who grew up followed with its light.

Genex Tower is a masterpiece of modern architecture designed by the famous architect Mihajlo Mitrović. It consists of two concrete towers connected by a bridge-like structure, with a restaurant on the circular top, which has welcomed and seen off, like a proper good host, the residents of Belgrade and its guests for more than four decades.

Thanks to its grandeur, size and shape that at times may resemble a spaceship, Genex Tower is today considered by many to be an inherent part of Belgrade's identity, both in terms of architecture, culture and society.

The Western gate, as it’s commonly referred to here, consists of a business and residential tower, merging into a single architectural unit on the 26th floor by a bridge-like structure, above which there is a restaurant-observatory.

The construction of this concrete giant with a height of about 117 meters was completed in 1980. The importance of this grandiose building was also recognized by the Government, so upon the proposal of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Belgrade, the Government decided to designate the Residential and Business Center "Geneks" as a cultural monument.

This architectural masterpiece, or at least the business area of the Geneks Tower, which consists of 28 separate sections with an area of 14,943 square meters, office space from the 27th to the 37th floor with an area of 1,450.39 square meters, as well as business and garage spaces with a surface area of 9,023 square meters and ten garages of 6,445 square meters were advertised for sale at a starting price of RSD 834,682,073.

Being declared a cultural asset with the obligation that its exterior must be preserved in its original form, we at Novi apartmani definitely support the sale, because the future owner will restore this iconic building and bring back its old charm, to the satisfaction of all Belgrade residents.

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