Great war island - Belgrade’s natural oasis

By the end of the summer, City Municipality of Zemun will organize free-of-charge, walking tours of the Great War Island, the natural oasis in the heart of Belgrade.

Great war island - Belgrade’s natural oasis

The Great War Island is a river island with an area of 210 ha, situated at the confluence of the Sava and the Danube in Belgrade. Looking at the administrative division, it belongs to the city of Belgrade, and is located on the territory of the city municipality of Zemun. It is a unique natural area and is uninhabited. Most of the island is covered with dense forest. The island is home to a vast number of birds and diverse plants.

The island was first mentioned in 1514, when it was shown on a drawing of the city of Belgrade.

Throughout history, the island has changed its name a number of times, while at the end of the 18th century it got its present name, owing to its superb strategic position which is why the island had a significant role in numerous war operations in which Belgrade was attacked and defended. Therefore, it got its name – the Great War Island.

Today, the Great War Island is home to 196 bird species, many of which are in the category of endangered species. Generally speaking, the island is a natural location with the highest level of biodiversity in Belgrade.

On the island there is Lido, a small and famous Zemun beach, and during the summer months it becomes very popular thanks to the temporary bridge connecting it to Zemun. The island is the point of the greatest level of biodiversity in Belgrade, when it comes to bird species.


The City Municipality of Zemun, which is also responsible for the Great War Island, is organizing free walking tours by the end of August in order to promote and implement projects related to eco-tourism.

All citizens and guests of Belgrade will have the opportunity to enjoy the attractions of the Great War Island, the intact oasis of nature and the protected natural area in Belgrade and the municipality of Zemun during the month of August.

During the free eco-walk, visitors will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the history of the island, the diverse flora and fauna of the island, and especially with indigenous and endangered species, unique features, as well as the dangers posed by environmental pollution, bringing invasive species, excessive use of the island and excessive urbanization of Belgrade. The tour will be accompanied by a guide from the City Municipality of Zemun and it lasts 3 hours.

If you are planning to stay in Belgrade, and at the same time, you are a true fan of nature and the river and you are aware of environmental manners, we recommend that you join one of these interesting walks. Take a bottle of water with you, spray yourself with some eco-friendly mosquito repellent, put on a hat or cap and enjoy the untouched nature in the heart of Belgrade.

After the walk ends, you deserve to be rewarded with fresh Danube fish caught that morning that you can get in some of the many specialized restaurants on the Zemun bank of the Danube river.

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