Jevremovac - Green oasis in the heart of Belgrade

The moments of genuine relaxation during the heatwave can only be felt if you are surrounded by nature. The central Belgrade area can offer you the greenery you’re looking for.

Jevremovac - Green oasis in the heart of Belgrade

We all know about the Botanical Garden, a green oasis of peace in the center of Belgrade. Can you remember the last time you visited this magnificent compound and a piece of paradise in the Serbian capital? During the summer heat, the Botanical Garden will provide perhaps the best available protection and the best refreshment.

This unique area was created long ago in 1889, thanks to our celebrated scientist Josif Pančić, who had the original idea of the garden, as well as to King Milan Obrenović.

Professor Pančić invested his immense knowledge and expertise, while King Milan donated a piece of land to be used as the future botanical garden, but under one condition. As King Milan inherited the land from his grandfather Jevrem, King Milan asked that the Botanical Garden in Belgrade be named after his grandfather as a way to honor him. This is exactly how Jevremovac was born, a green oasis that today stretches over about 5 hectares and is home to almost 1,000 species of plants.

Jevremovac area, however, was not the first and original location of the Belgrade Botanical Garden. The botanical garden, as the institution, was founded in 1874 on land near the Danube, but due to the frequent flooding at the time, the entire land and the plant fund were destroyed. This is why Jevremovac was founded, and in 1892 a beautiful greenhouse was built here and even today is still a unique decoration and home to more than 1,000 plant species of various types and importance.

The botanical garden went through difficult times, but managed to survive. This institution was further improved in 2004, when it was donated a Japanese Garden, with a collection of very interesting plants and animals from Far East.

Today, the Botanical Garden belongs to the Faculty of Biology in Belgrade and is a central research center for biologists in Serbia. It has also shifted its focus to more commercial content. Jevremovac is also a place where you can attend fantastic concerts of various genres, and when performed in such an environment, music does seem enchanting.

If you live in Belgrade and haven't visited Jevremovac for a long time, you should definitely do so, and feel free to bring your guests who may be visiting Belgrade for the first time. If you are a nature lover and you are planning a visit to the Serbian capital, take time and visit the botanical garden and check out the program of events in time, because you will definitely come across a good jazz concert in, to say the least, a unique environment.

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