Kalenic market - the iconic belgrade gathering place

The famous Belgrade market situated at the heart of Vracar attracts so many Belgrade residents with its authentic charm, but also the tourists looking to experience Belgrade in a unique way.

Kalenic market - the iconic belgrade gathering place

One of the largest central markets in Belgrade, located in the center of Vračar, was built back in 1926 on the Kalenić’s plot, the land of the wealthy merchant and great benefactor Vlajko Kalenić. The market administration was formed in 1933, and already in the first years of its work, the market was expanded by adding a large number of stalls. Shortly afterwards, Kalenić market would become a place where everyone – the young and old, rich and poor, educated and less educated, city ladies and hardworking women from the countryside met. Everyone needed to buy or sell something or to hear the latest gossip. And so it has been for 90 years, throughout the entire life of this famous market.

The story of Vlajko Kalenić is an interesting one. He was a rich merchant who donated all his property to charity in 1907, and after his death the "Fund of Vlajko Kalenić, Shoemaker and Trader from Belgrade" was formed, which would provide scholarships for the underprivileged students and humanitarian and cultural institutions. This good tradition is carefully nurtured even today. Underprivileged students of the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade receive financial assistance from this foundation. In Svetogorska street number 12, you can find his legacy building with 32 apartments being rented and all the revenues from this are dedicated to the training and education of students, just as Vlajko Kalenić noted in his will.

Kalenić market is definitely one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Belgrade, unpretentious, yet authentically Serbian. The market is known for its diverse offer of fruits and vegetables, dairy products, but also for many other foods and delicacies. Fish shops, butchers, bakeries, flower shops, modern clothing and antiquities – there is just about anything in the endless colorfulness of Kalenić. Strolling between the stalls is a truly specific experience, and that's exactly why Kalenić market is a completely unique place in Belgrade on Vračar.

Kalenić market is also a symbol of a good location to stay when visiting Belgrade. From here, it is very easy to reach all parts of Belgrade, while in the evening you can enjoy numerous charming restaurants, cafes and bars that you can reach in just a few minutes on foot. Therefore, when planning your Belgrade adventure, visit the Novi apartmani website and pick an apartment in the Vračar section that will suit you completely and meet all your criteria.

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