Kosančićev venac, a historical heart of Belgrade

Kosančićev venac is a place that at its every part shows the historical development of our city and the turbulent history of today's Belgrade.

Kosančićev venac, a historical heart of Belgrade

One of the oldest areas in Belgrade, surrounding the first and central historical core of the city, is located on the stretch between Kalemegdan Fortress and Branko's bridge. Its borders are on one side the Sava River, and on the other, Toplicin venac area. Kosančićev venac area has a large number of important and preserved buildings, houses and public buildings and shows the historical development of this part of the city, and therefore, the history of today's Belgrade. The main street and the area around it were named after Ivan Kosančić - a hero, a knight, a duke known for many heroic deeds, but also for his exceptional physical beauty and fencing skills. One of the sights of Kosančićev venac area is the monument built in honor of this hero.

Some of the public buildings as well as private houses of famous owners were built by well-known architects. Many of them have been preserved and are in good shape, while unfortunately some have been demolished in the meantime. One of the famous buildings in this part of the city is the Old National Library of Serbia. The former National Library was located on Kosančićev venac but was completely destroyed in the 1941 bombing. During the bombing, all the library material that included a large number of important manuscripts, magazines, documents and collections of high value was burned. Today, there is only a ruin in this place, which speaks not only about this terrible event, but also about a period in history that must never be forgotten.


One of the most beautiful examples of urban architecture from the early XIX century is the Residence of Princess Ljubica, which was built in 1830 and is located on Kosančićev venac area. The Residence of Princess Ljubica was built by Prince Miloš Obrenović for his wife and sons, but also for residential needs. This beautiful building of great cultural and historical significance clearly shows the architectural features of the time, coupled with strong Balkan influence, with an indication, especially in external decoration, of the influence of European architecture.

The Cathedral Church was built in the period from 1837 and 1840 by order of Prince Miloš, and today is one of the cultural monuments of exceptional importance. The church is one of the oldest and most monumental church buildings from the time of the Principality of Serbia. In the church treasury, you can find icons and goldsmith works as well as other unique items of exceptional historical significance and value. There are also relics of Serbian rulers and greats of Serbian culture.

Right next to the Cathedral Church there is another cultural monument from early XIX century. This is the oldest preserved tavern in Belgrade - Tavern "Znak pitanja" (The Question Mark) which still has an authentic exterior and interior from that time. Prominent guests have always come to this famous tavern, and this is the tradition even today. In addition to the well-known visitors, ordinary people also come to this tavern. Often, Belgrade residents proudly bring their guests from other parts of Serbia and abroad to this fantastic place.

The Patriarchate of the Serbian Orthodox Church, which also includes the Library and Museum of the Serbian Orthodox Church, is also located on Kosančićev venac area, which is also home to other important buildings such as faculties, embassies and a number of galleries. Residential buildings and private houses still represent valuable examples of architecture of the past, demonstrating a clear transition from the Balkan - Serbian traditional style to European styles of architecture of the 19th century.

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