National Museum in Belgrade

Any world metropolis is proud of its national museums, rich art collections and historical artefacts, which are also important tourist attractions.

National Museum in Belgrade

he National Museum in Belgrade was founded long ago, in 1844, and until 1950 was relocated 11 times. In the meantime, the archeological, numismatic and artistic treasury of the museum grew richer and more appealing to the general public. The building at the Republic Square which is the seat of the National Musem today was built in 1903 and is a true example of public palaces of the time. It underwent severe damage during the WWII, but it was largely reconstructed in the aftermath. The National Museum was granted a right to use the building and two years afterwards, an official opening ceremony was organised. In 2003, however, the permanent Museum exhibition was withdrawn and due to poor overall condition, the building was in the process of reconstruction for incredible 15 years. The repairs included the reconstruction of the main building, facade and windows. The National Museum building is today quite rightly under the protection as the cultural and national legacy of the country.

The overall collection of the National Museum includes over 400 thousand artefacts from different categories and are chronologically classified into collections, from the paleolithic age until the 20th century, as well as according to the types of artefacts and items. The collection offers historical, archeoloical, numismatic items, works of art and applied art, including the rich collection of ancient and rare books and the archives of documentary papers.
The exhibition area in the National Museum features the archeological artefacts. The first floor is reserved for the items relating to national culture and art, including the 18th and 19th century art. The 20th century art is placed on the second floor, together with the foreign collection of items.

After 15 years of impatient waiting, the National Museum has once again opened its door for public and presented the permanent exhibition which was not in place for almost two decades. The whole generations of pupils and students have graduated without having the opportunity to visit one of the most relevant cultural institutions in Serbia. The new, refurbished museum building is now even more appealing to tourists and all the lovers of art and ancient items who can visit this fantastic culture venue each day, except for Monday. As always has been, Sunday is the free-of-charge day for all the visitors.

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