Stark Arena is again an entertainment venue

After nearly a year, the temporary COVID hospital is moving out from the Stark Arena, a famous sports arena and a major concert venue in Belgrade.

Stark Arena is again an entertainment venue

Given the overall situation and so many of our fellow citizens suffering from the coronavirus, the famous Belgrade Stark Arena has had a completely different role for almost a year. It was an important place which helped save many lives, but we would prefer it to remain an iconic sports arena and the venue of some of the biggest concerts in Belgrade.

The entertainment season in Stark Arena will be launched once again by Lara Fabian, the world-known pop star with an authentic and memorable voice, who will finally have her concert in Belgrade after a number of delays. Originally, the concert was supposed to be organized in 2019, and later it was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now is finally the time for this powerful singer’s voice to resonate all across the Belgrade's Stark Arena and announce some better times and a return to the life we remember before the pandemic.

The voice of Lara Fabian can be recognized from the first note and will awaken the most beautiful emotions, as evidenced by so many music awards and over 20 million albums sold worldwide.
Lara Fabian is the owner of many hits, among which the most famous are Je T'aime, Quédate, Je Suis Malade, Adagio and Caruso.


The long-awaited concert of Lara Fabian will take place on June 26, and all fans of high-quality vocals and famous hits packed with emotions who will attend this very important and symbolic concert are advised to be informed of the epidemiological situation in Belgrade, to act responsibly and in accordance with recommendations of organizers and competent authorities.

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