Stefan Nemanja monument

Belgrade has got another landmark, a new monument in honor of one of the Serbia’s most prominent historical figures, the Grand Prince Stefan Nemanja.

Stefan Nemanja monument

The monument to Stefan Nemanja is 23m high and weighs 68 tons and depicts the founder of the medieval Nemanjic dynasty, holding a sword in his right hand and the Hilandar Charter in his left hand while standing on a pedestal representing a Byzantine helmet resting on the ground with 4 arms.

The monument is the work of Russian academician and sculptor Alexander Rukavishnikov. The city of Belgrade needed such a monument that the Nemanjić dynasty deserves, both the founder and his heirs. Our rich history has long been neglected for reasons we still are unaware of. We have a history to be proud of. In our genes, we carry the the spirit of freedom proven so many times. We are a nation that has always been on the right side of history and this will always remain.

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