Bajaga and instruktori concert in Belgrade 2021

After a long period of time, first concert of Bajaga & Instruktori will take place with presence of audience at the legendary Tasmajdan venue in Belgrade!

Bajaga and instruktori concert in Belgrade 2021

Due to the whole corona virus situation, we almost forgot what it looks like when you find yourself at a concert of a legendary rock band and sing your favorite and timeless hit with thousands of people with whom you share the same passion and love. It seems this will finally change.

The iconic rock figure Bajaga and his famous Instruktori will hold a real concert in front of the audience on July 16 after a staggering two-year break! After the last year's experiment with the "online" concert in front of the empty Tasmajdan venue, this time the audience will finally be there.

For the first time in Serbia, the organizers of this concert will apply new measures in accordance with the recommendations for preventing the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the ticket for the concert, all rock & roll fans will also need a document to certify that they have recovered from corona virus, or that they have been vaccinated. For those who do not meet any of these conditions, the organizer has provided quick antigen tests at reasonable prices, which will be done on the spot and if proven negative, you will be allowed to attend the concert.

Despite a bit complex procedure for attending the concert, this is indeed the only way for many fans of good old rock sound and real rock concert to finally enjoy the music again. And there’s probably no better way than Bajaga & Instruktori concert, because regardless of generation and age, there is almost no single person who has never heard of Bajaga, or the chorus, lyrics or melody of at least one of his many songs. We are quite sure that in Belgrade you won’t be able to meet a single person who does not know at least one hit song of the famous Momcilo Bajagic!

Bajaga & Instruktori is a proper Belgrade-based story, although Momcilo will remark that he is actually from Zemun, as he spent most of his life there. Lyrics eternally inspired by love, memorable melodies, as well as specific language are the unique embodiment of Belgrade.

Bajaga & Instruktori has over 30 years of musical experience behind them, which has resulted in the release of 14 albums, but also numerous projects related to film, theater and other art projects.

From the album "Pozitivna geografija", through the albums "Sa druge strane jastuka" and "Prodavnica tajni" (for us in Novi apartmani, the famous Bajaga’s album), all the way to the album "Daljina, dim i prašina" and this year's "U sali lom“ we heard a series of hits that everyone still likes to listen to, or sing and whistle during the shower. In addition to a dozen such hits, here we would like to single out a kind of anthem of Belgrade "442 to Belgrade“.

If you are a fan of Bajaga, or you just want to enjoy a real rock concert, book July 16 in your calendar and make your way to the legendary Tasmajdan venue! Of course, we will all monitor the epidemiological situation, but we are sure that if we comply with the epidemiological measures, tests, and with more and more vaccinated citizens, a great deal of security will be achieved that will allow us all to enjoy carefree things like rock concerts.

If you’re planning to attend this concert, make sure you get your tickets on time, and if you’re coming from outside Belgrade, be sure to find yourself accommodation on time, as well. We from Novi apartmani suggest that you visit our website and in the section STRICT CENTER pick an apartment you like and be ready to enjoy this superb music event.

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