Beer Garden - Perfect July night in Belgrade

Beer Garden is an ideal place to spend hot July nights in Belgrade and enjoy some great rhythms and ice-cold beer, surrounded by unique nature of Ada Ciganlija.

Beer Garden - Perfect July night in Belgrade

Until the Beer Fest starts, a major five-day beer festival, the single largest festival of this kind in south-east Europe which, as a rule, takes place during late summer at Usce venue in Belgrade, for three years in a row, Beer Garden 2017 is organised – the festival of beer and great music, at the venue just perfect for the occasion – the beautiful natural environment of Ada Ciganlija.

Beer Garden is a very popular and joyful event for all lovers of great beer, music, nature and partying, and this year will be the third time it’s organised at the well-known Belgrade lake – Ada Ciganlija. This year, Beer Garden takes place from July 07-30, each night except for Mondays, starting at 17.00h until midnight hours. For all the beer lovers, there will be more than 100 types of beer provided, as an ideal ancient refreshment during hot summer days, and we should note that in addition to the offer of commercial, well-known and less-known Serbian and foreign beer brands, there will also be some premium home-made, the so-called „craft“ beer brands. Craft beer is generally available only in specialised pubs, and this festival is a great opportunity for a number of small breweries to reach out to wider audience, as during the previous years the festival was visited by up to 100 thousand people. Good beer is generally accompanied by traditional beer appetizers, such as all sorts of sausages, pretzels and similar snacks, so this will also be available to all the Beer Garden visitors.


The music program of the festival consists of two parts. The program during the first part of the evening, appropriately named „the Garden People“, takes place from 18-20h and is oriented on blues and rock ’n’ roll sounds, and every night the prominent figures of these genres will welcome the visitors of the „garden“ and give them some of the best and unforgettable tunes after a hot Belgrade afternoon. Some of the musicians anounced so far are Nenad Zlatanović, Vojislav Đukić Koki, Dejan Vozlić. In the second part of the music program, lasting from 21.30 - 23.30h each night, the audience will enjoy some of the well-known clubbing and cover bands, such as King Size, Plutionia, Which 1, Prorok, Supermensi.

Beer Garden is an event that came to life in Belgrade, right at the bank of Ada Ciganlija lake, and is gradually becoming the traditional summer festival of our city. However, considering the great interest of our people in this type of partying, as of last year, Beer Garden rooted itself in Novi Sad and Kragujevac, as well. This proved to be the real deal and all beer and music lovers in these cities are super excited.

As Belgrade is already struggling with high summer temperature, and nights have already become the favourite part of the day, we are anxious to see the detailed program of this festival and the hasty preparations at the entrance to Ada from Makis side. Web site strongly recommends that you head to Beer Garden and feel the unique charms of a summer night by the lake, and enjoy the cold beer and great music, beneath the high trees and surrounded by amiable and jolly people.

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