Beldocs 2019

Beldocs, the documentary film festival and the event with growing importance for the development of this movie format, takes place in Belgrade for the 12th time now. The event will take place from 8-1

Beldocs 2019

This is the 12th time the documentary film festival Beldocs will be organised in order to present the authors and most relevant achievements in this area to Belgrade audience. The number of films presented is on the rise each year which ultimately results in greater visibility and importance of the festival and the city of Belgrade, which puts it among the group of world capitals organising some of the most relevant documentary film festivals.

The festival aims to promote the local made documentary films which contribute in different ways to raising awareness and introducing the work of these authors to the audience, including funding of projects which are underway. The overwhelming essence of documentary films is the truth about the world we live in and the facts that we as common passers-by tend to oversee, the social and political differences and phenomena that exist throughout our society, our impact and changes in our natural environment, which may include ecological, energy-related and other issues relevant for the survival of this planet that we live on.

This year you’ll be able to watch 98 films in 14 different categories, with some of the venues being Sava Centre, Cineplexx Ušće, Art Cinema Kolarac, Belgrade Museum of Modern Art, Film Archive Institution, Cultural centre Belgrade, The Youth Center.

The festival will feature five fantastic music documentary films within the „Intermission“ programme. One of them is „Bird on Wire: Leonard Cohen“, a Tony Palmer’s documentary initially believed to have been lost for good. Fortunately, the film was found and remastered and Belgrade audience will have the opportunity to see the tour of this major 20th century artist captured by the camera of the director who is also going to attend the festival.

The official opening of the festival will be organised in Kombank arena, with the premiere of Darko Bajic’s „Line of Life (Linija života)“ where he depicts the life and work of his father, the painter Milos Bajic. Through the biography of this prominent artist, the director speaks of the atrocities of war, the life’s worth and the notorious Nazzi camp Mauthausen.

Beldocs festival is to take place from 8-15 May and will offer a selection of biographical, artistic and musical achievements from the global and national cinematography. Do make your own selection and pay a visit to this increasingly important and popular event and contribute to the development of the Serbian and global documentary film genre.

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