Belgrade Beer Fest - for the 20th time!

Beer Fest, one of the most popular tourist events in Belgrade this year, is being held for the 20th time – now in a different period of the year.

Belgrade Beer Fest - for the 20th time!

The Belgrade Beer and Music Festival, Beer Fest, this year is being held in the new term - much before August, the period in the year when we are used to seeing the New Belgrade Ušće venue traditionally becoming a place of fantastic entertainment.

This year's Beer Fest will be held from 15-18 June, and as the main reason for such a change is that the organizers wished to harmonize the festival with the beginning of the summer tourist season of Belgrade, and also, to make it easier to attract and hire famous world performers who will make this event even more attractive and appealing for all lovers of music and beer not only in the region, but also in Europe.

This year's Beer Fest is not just another one among many. This is the jubilee 20th beer festival that has placed the Serbian capital very high on the scale of festival cities in Europe, primarily because the festival increased its quality year after year, which led to an increased number of visits. Most of us from Novi apartmani can testify to this from the first-hand experience, as we were guests of each of the 19 festivals held so far.

Given that the final line-up of the festival was officially announced the other day, this is an ideal opportunity for us to single out some of the top performers who will hit the stage at the jubilee Belgrade Beer Fest.

On the first day of the festival, June 15, the famous British band Morcheeba will perform, which will certainly dominate the first night. They will be accompanied by Bojana Vunturišević, one of the most progressive singers/songwriters of the local rock scene, the phenomenal Croatian cellist Ana Rucner, one of the greatest artists of today who presents the elements of classical, contemporary and traditional music in a modern delivery and she will share the stage with the last year's winner of the Dragačevo Trumpet Competition Elvis Bajramovic. You will also enjoy the fantastic band Neverne bebe, as well as the up-and-coming rock sensation from Ljubljana, the band Joker Out.

The second day of the festival, June 16, is reserved for the Serbian Tom Waits - Kralj Cacka, one of the most famous Croatian pop performers, Toni Cetinski, the famous Bombaj stampa, band Brkovi and the popular Mostar rock band Zoster.

Saturday, June 17, will feature the band Incognito, known for its authentic combination of rock and reggae music, the legendary Partibrejkersi and Kerber. On the same evening, famous local bands Van Gogh and Repetitor will take the stage, a band that brought raw and fierce energy to rock music closer to new generations.

The last day of the Belgrade beer festival, Sunday, brings the well-known British band The Brand New Heavies, the creators of some of the biggest R&B and soul hits of the last two decades. The evening will also be more beautiful thanks to the famous blues and rock guitarist Ana Popovic, as well as Koikoi, a Belgrade indie-pop/rock band, which was nominated last year for the prestigious "Music Moves Europe Awards" (MME) award. On the last night of the Belgrade Beer festival rock legends are to take the stage – the band Atomsko sklonište, and the fantastic Kebra with his Obojeni program.

A new feature of the Beer Fest is that the festival will charge the entrance.

We wish all beer lovers to book their arrival on time and visit Belgrade during this memorable festival. We suggest that you book on time some comfortable and affordable accommodation. You just need to visit our web site and in the section New Belgrade pick an apartment that will not only suit you, but also be situated near the Usce venue.

See you at the Beer Fest!

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