Belgrade Book Fair 2019

For the 64 th time this year, Belgrade Book Fair is to be organised from 20-27 th October 2019 at the well-known place - Belgrade Fair.

Belgrade Book Fair 2019

One of the most important cultural events of the city of Belgrade is definitely the Book Fair, which will be held for the 64th time in a row. Like all these years, the period of year reserved for good books is the end of October, and the organizers promise numerous surprises and eventful programme.

This "festival of books" is not just a big event for Belgrade but for the whole of Southeast Europe as it is the largest event of its kind in the region. This is why many foreign and local publishers, bookstores and all those whose activities are related to reading and writing are looking forward to this event, but also many citizens who simply enjoy reading. The size of the fair is best illustrated by the numbers that show us the increasing number of visitors, exhibitors, as well as the amount of square meters that covers the exhibition space for this event. Last year, the exhibition area of the book fair covered as much as 15,000 square meters. Around one thousand exhibitors participated in the fair, with nearly 200 thousand visitors.


The overall range of publications in the various fields, both old and new, is always complemented by an interesting accompanying programme and numerous and varied contents. Thus, during the week of the fair, various conferences will take place, including the promotions, debates, guest appearances, public readings and other interesting events related to literature. In addition, books are generally sold at cheaper, “festival” prices, which also attracts readers and book lovers.

Each year the honorary place belongs to one of the guest countries. This year, the honorary guest will be Egypt, which further stirs the curiosity of many visitors.

Alongside the Book Fair, there are traditionally some other interesting fairs taking place - Education and Teaching Aids Fair, also the Media - Market - Information, Communication and Marketing Fair. These two fairs take place from 23-27th October.

If you’re looking for to complete your home library or find an interesting title, make sure you pay a visit to the Belgrade Book Fair and experience the "festival of books" the right way. And if you are not in Belgrade, we suggest that you complete your enjoyment with comfortable and affordable accommodation that you will easily find if you check out the Novi apartmani web site. Considering the venue of this iconic event, we suggest that you pick an apartment in the section Banovo brdo, or an apartment near the recently renovated Republic Square, in the section Strict centre where you will be perfectly connected to all parts of the city.

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