Belgrade Car Show 2020

Belgrade Car Show 2020

Every year, many car lovers look forward to an important event. It is, of course, a car show. Under the name DDOR BG CAR SHOW, this year it is organized at the Belgrade Fair venue, in the period from 19-25th March. The world's largest car manufacturers, importers and distributors will also gather under the roof of the Belgrade Fair to present their latest models, equipment and trends worthy of attention of any car lover.

Like other similar events, the Car Show is not only intended for potential buyers and spectators who enjoy keeping up to date with the latest developments in the automotive industry, but also for all those companies whose business is in any way related to transportation. Sharing information, making important contacts, keeping up with the trends are always the real reasons for organizing such and similar events.

Despite the fact that this is not about the International Motor Show, a traditional event that has been held in Belgrade for more than half a century, the Car Show is getting better every time and gathers more and more exhibitors, something that local car lovers certainly do appreciate.


This year's event will feature numerous innovations in the field of the auto industry, as well as modern trends in the development of cars. Special attention of most exhibitors will certainly be on the development of hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as other environmentally friendly technologies that have the potential to reduce the long-term negative impact of traffic on global warming.

Last but not the least, we should not forget the beautiful hostesses who, to the delight of many four-wheeler lovers, are often a regular companion for beautiful and powerful cars at such events. There will also be a traditional selection of the most beautiful hostess of the DDOR Car Show event, and this event, as a rule, produces as much attention as the four wheelers.

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