Belgrade marathon 2018

On 21 April, Belgrade will host the 31st traditional sports event “Belgrade Marathon” which will once again be the gathering place of some of the best marathon runners from around the globe.

Belgrade marathon 2018

Early spring in Belgrade is traditionally reserved for the largest and most visited sports event which the City Assembly proclaimed as the event of special importance. You all know this is all about Belgrade Marathon. As long as 30 years ago in 1988, the journalist Djoko Vjestica and Brana Radovic initiated the organization of this event and initially had the idea to restore the traditional race from Obrenovac to Belgrade which used to be organized by the Serbian Olympic Club in 1910.

This year’s Belgrade Marathon, the 31st, is to take place on Saturday 21 April, in three disciplines. As always, the shortest race is the so-called the Fun Run, with the distance of 5km, starting at 10:15 in front of the Parliament building. Considering the fun aspect of this race, it is of course open for everyone and is a non-competition race.

The starting line of the half-marathon race of 21,1km at 10h is the corner of Kralja Aleksandra Boulevard and Resavska street, then you’ll cross the Branko’s bridge and head towards New Belgrade, then you’ll cross the Ada bridge and return to the hotel “Moskva” where the finish line is.

The most demanding discipline is of course the Marathon race, with the overall distance of 42.195km, which starts at 10h. The starting line is the corner of Kralja Aleksandra Boulevard and Resavska street, and the finish line is in front of the hotel “Moskva”.

Belgrade residents look forward to this event for a number of reasons. First of all, during these days, and particularly on the very day of race, Belgrade puts on a different suit and the city breathes the air of youth, endurance and satisfaction. Also, the event brings a lot of visitors to Belgrade, primarily the athletes who will participate in the races, their teams and guests, and also, the foreign journalists and all those people who are passionate about this unique and ancient sports activity.

Some very prominent names from the marathon world will be here in Belgrade and contribute to the overall success and visibility of the event. This year, the promoter of Belgrade Marathon is the famous Henry Rono, an athlete with the reputation of one of the finest athletes in the world, who set some new standards in the sport and pushed the boundaries even higher. His greatest results were seen during the 1970s and 1980s and his presence will definitely contribute to this fantastic event.

In addition to the main event, the marathon race on 21 April, the organisers are trying hard to include a number of additional events, so on 14 April the Child race will take place in Belgrade Zoo, in order to promote the importance of physical exercise among children for a quality and healthy living.

Another fun fact relating to Belgrade marathon is a new race, the so-called BEG 5K Runway which will have its premiere on 3 June this year. BEG 5K Runway will be organised in cooperation with the Belgrade Airport „Nikola Tesla“, with the distance of 5 km, located at the airport runway strip. The tradition of organising the marathon races at airport runways started in 1972 at the JFK airport in New York, and has been held every year. This is an indeed unique race, very demanding in terms of organisation, but genuinely attractive.

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