Belgrade New Year fair

One of the events that announces this period of the year is definitely the Belgrade New Year Fair, organized for 61st time this year.

Belgrade New Year fair

New Year traditionally awakens the festive spirit in each of us. The euphoria becomes an unavoidable part of everyday life and motivates us to track down the most beautiful gifts for our loved ones, and make plans how to celebrate the upcoming holidays. The youngest ones are particularly happy, because decorating the Christmas tree, as well as placing the decorations around the house for the New Year is one of the most enjoyable family traditions. Cities and towns are also preparing for the New Year partying by installing decorations and planning a wide variety of fun events designed to give the visitors an unforgettable experience during the New Year holidays.

When it comes to winter entertainment, Belgrade is not at all lagging behind other well-known European tourist destinations, but even leads the way in many respects.

One of the oldest and most visited winter events in our city is certainly the traditional New Year fair.
This unique and long-standing traditional event has been organized in the halls of the Belgrade Fair for the last six decades, and this year will mark the 61st anniversary. Ever since it was established in 1961, it has become one of the most popular events taking place at the Belgrade Fair. At the fair, visitors of all ages will have the opportunity to enjoy all sorts of entertainment activities.

This year's New Year Fair in Belgrade will take place from December 15 to 30, 2023, in Hall 1 at the Belgrade Fair. Entrance is completely free of charge, and you only need to bring a good mood. Visitors can enjoy and have fun at numerous locations inside Hall 1, with the famous Amusement part certainly attracting the most attention. Carousels, slides, roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, mazes and playrooms are always among the most popular rides among the visitors of all ages. A 30-meter-high carousel, which reaches top of the dome of Hall 1 is spectacular. Amusement Park is not the only one that will make a lasting memory. New Year's gifts, toys, souvenirs, decorations and various events are presented at the stands along Hall 1. Visitors can enjoy relaxing at the stands with refreshments, try homemade delicacies, or relax with the well-known barbecue specialties.

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