Belgrade philharmonic orchestra - Open air concert

On June 23rd at Usce grounds, the Belgrade Philharmonic will for the third time offer to its audience a remarkable open-air event.

Belgrade philharmonic orchestra - Open air concert

It’s very well-known how much Belgrade people are looking forward to nice weather and different outdoor activities and everyone will seize any opportunity to have fun and hang out outside. In addition to all sorts of different events available, such as exhibitions, performances, competitions, festivals and other old and new events, you can enjoy even the popular outdoor areas of Belgrade cafes and restaurants which are full almost all day round. Music festivals and concerts of different music genres are common in summertime and you can find one almost every single day. One of the grandest and most important music events is definitely the concert of Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra which is to be held at Usce grounds, on Sunday, June 23rd.

The first open-air Belgrade Philharmonic concert was held in 2017 and at the time was the biggest open-air classical music concert in the Balkans. The concert which was conducted by Gabriel Feltz was attended by more than 25,000 visitors, and the audience listened to the music they chose themselves as they previously had the opportunity to vote for and actually select the music pieces they wanted to hear. The following year in 2018, the tradition was continued when at the same venue a concert was organised, titled „HD Odyssey“. This spectacular audio-visual event was seen by 40,000 visitors who also had the opportunity to watch the remarkable images of Earth and Universe while listening to some of the most memorable classical music pieces.

This third free open-air concert of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra will bring together even more visitors from Serbia and the region and will premiere the famous Disney Fantasia. The modern production of the well-known classic, supported by fantastic performance of Belgrade Philharmonic will show to all generations the unforgettable mixture of modern and traditional and will undoubtedly make this event an entirely unique experience.

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