Belgrade - The city of football

One more step for Red Star to be again part of the Champions League competition.

Belgrade - The city of football

The Red Star’s winning streak that started in the Serbian championship continues in European competitions.

After the routine victories over the champion of Armenia, Pjunik, Deki Stanković's team now has only one more obstacle before the most trophy-winning Serbian club finds its place in the elite European competition, the Champions League.
Red Star is expecting a double match with the Israeli club Maccabi from Haifa, with the first match set for August 17 in Israel, while the rematch will take place in Belgrade on August 23, in front of the crowded Rajko Mitić stadium - the popular Maracana, the temple of football and one of the iconic Belgrade localities.

This will be another kind of "flashback" to the now distant year of 1991, when Red Star participated and won the European Champions Cup, then the equivalent of the Champions League.
We hope that Red Star will manage to find itself in the elite football club competition this time and by doing so, provide the numerous fans of "the most important secondary thing in the world" with the privilege of enjoying the highest quality matches and the most famous global football stars in their city.

Our team takes seriously the matches ahead with the well-known team from Israel and is not only training hard and working on a winning strategy, but also works to attract new players to the team. One of them is former Sochi footballer Yegor Prutsev, who will further improve Red Star's attack as an offensive midfielder.

We invite all football fans, but of course, first of all, Red Star’s fans to support the great efforts of the Serbian champion and, with their limitless support and cheering, help Red Star compete in the group leg of the Champions League. So, if you are coming from outside Belgrade, start planning your arrival here for the rematch with Maccabi, which will definitely decide which of the two clubs will secure a place.

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We wish the Red Star football club, as well as its army of fans, all the best of luck in the upcoming matches and we hope that in the period ahead of us, they will be able to ensure that
in our city we can enjoy the top-quality football matches that only the Champions League can provide!

Go Red Star, go!

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