Belgrade, the city with an open heart

January 1st is the day in Belgrade reserved for the charity event “The Street of Open Heart” which will also take place this year in several Belgrade municipalities.

Belgrade, the city with an open heart

Just like all the previous years, the 1st January, apart from being the symbol of hangover and recollecting the memories from the night before, is very much about remembering those in need. This is exactly what the event “The Street of Open Heart” is about, and this year’s motto is “My Belgrade has a heart”.

The Street of Open Heart is one of the events which has long surpassed the Belgrade borders and has become a genuine brand which promotes humanity and generosity in Belgrade.
The event actually came to life already half a century ago in “Srpska kafana” restaurant, when some of the legendary Serbian actors from the Atelje 212 theatre switched their roles with waiters and served them and other guests of this well-known restaurant on 1st January. This unusual friendship lead to this famous day in Belgrade which gathers in one place the culture, economy, joy, magic and humanity. In 1988, the Street of open heart officially became the Belgrade city event and is attended by more than 100,000 people every year.

This year, the Street of open heart will be dedicated to the project Clown doctors. By buying and wearing the red clown nose, all the visitors are becoming part of the humanitarian programme which brings hope, joy and smile back on the children’s faces.
In this way, the Street of open heart becomes a RED NOSE CARNIVAL.


The event is traditionally accompanied by music and entertainment programme which will take part all across the city. At noon, after the New Year greeting cards and recognitions “Belgrade Heart” are awarded to the guest-city of this Belgrade event, a small firework will officially mark the opening of the Street of open heart. The performers will then leave the theatre building and start the traditional walk in a form of a charming carnival parade with music and dancing. This is when the official main programme starts right in front of the Atelje 212 plateau.
The organisers of the event are the City of Belgrade, Tourist Organisation of Belgrade, City municipality Stari Grad.

In addition to the central municipalities, the event will also take place in New Belgrade, Banovo Brdo, Surčin, Zemun, Rakovica, Palilula, Grocka and Obrenovac.

We wholeheartedly support this unique event and as each year, we are looking forward to joining the parade, take a walk along Belgrade streets and start in the best possible way the new 2019.

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