Belgrade walk with dinosaurs

Walking with dinosaurs is a spectacular event to be held in Stark Arena in Belgrade from 3-5 May 2019.

Belgrade walk with dinosaurs

Walking with dinosaurs is a historical show originating from Australia in 2007 after years of careful planning and development. Within the world tour that followed, this fantastic show also visited Belgrade nine years ago and all their performances were sold out in Belgrade Arena. Based on the popular and awarded BBC series, the new world tour launched in Great Britain last July and Belgrade should be its next stop in May 2019, to the joy of many of its fans. This is by far the grandest and most relevant story of dinosaurs ever made, as the production itself included state-of-the art technology and cost almost 20 million dollars.

Such a massive budget will definitely demonstrate in the best possible way 18 “terrible lizards” (the original meaning of the word dinosaur), which come in real size and crafted in a way which demonstrates the latest knowledge of the scientists who studied them. We will learn that some of them were covered by feathers, we will see how they evolved and interacted, we will find out how two-legged carnivores and cunning predators differed from herbivores, and amazing roars of these immense and extraordinary creatures will make us speechless. The biggest one of them, Brachiosaurus, is 11m tall, with the length from nose to the top of its tail amounting to 17m.


The show is a product of a team of 50 dedicated professionals, including the engineers, animatronic specialists, painters and other artists. Historical facts, thorough scientific studies coupled with cutting-edge scene technology will give us a realistic presentation of these fantastic creatures and their reign which lasted for nearly 200 million years. Everyone will be amazed – both the ones fascinated with these extraordinary creatures and the ones looking for spectacular events and scenery which is out of this world.

The show is planned to be shown 9 times in Stark Arena, from 3-5 May, three times a day during these three days. Tickets for some of the days have already been sold out, so do hurry up if you want to have your seat booked. And be sure that an hour and forty minutes of this show will simply fly away.

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