Belgreat - Biggest Belgrade party

Belgreat is a brand new festival taking the party time across the Danube river, to a well-known Danube island of Lido.

Belgreat - Biggest Belgrade party

July in Belgrade will definitely be HOT! There’s another confirmation for such a forecast, however, this time not from the weather forecast service, but from the organisers of a new music festival which is to take place this summer in Belgrade.
This is all about BELGREAT festival, which will take place on the 27th and 28th July in the exotic heart of our capital, at the gorgeous, sunny beach on the Great War Island – the popular Lido island.

During those days, the hot Danube sand will host a number of fantastic music makers - Vinicius Honorio, Felix da Housecat, Goldie, Wise D & Kobe, Andrew Meller, Coeus, Ilija Đoković. Also, this will be the opportunity to see and hear the techno music legend, the groundbreaker and the pioneer of Spanish electro sound, Cristian Varela, and a long-awaited Brit wAFF, whose concert will be the first one in Serbia, and all of them together will draw us into the night rhythm full of energy, through combining the untamed music with the wilderness of the Great War Island.
And not only them - the festival will also host Kadebostany, fantastic Nikola Vranković, band Kanda, kodža i Nebojša, including Andrew Meller, Coeus, Wise D & Kobe, Vatra, Monochromatic and many, many others.

It may be important to note that BELGREAT is in fact a whole-day festival and the Beach stage will host the fantastic Phillie P., Iron, Necone, and also, White City Soul, Peppe, Miloš Radoš, Bdat Džutim, Akioki, Petko and many others which will take part in this fantastic project.

We from Novi apartmani are very excited to see another new festival at such a fantastic and special location, the Zemun-based Lido Island. We think this part of Belgrade has unjustly remained the place of interest of Zemun residents only, so a festival like this will attract all residents from all over Belgrade and its guests and allow them to get to know this Belgrade hidden treasure.

What makes this festival unique is the fact that the visitors will not only enjoy the fantastic music, but also the incredible and intact nature and protected ecosystem of the Great War Island. This is why we urge that the organisers and the guests behave responsibly towards this natural wealth of Belgrade and avoid all kinds of improper behaviour against the nature.

For all of you coming to Belgrade in this period and for all fans of music and nature, we strongly recommend that you visit this unique festival. This is why, at the web site of Novi apartmani, under the section Zemun you should pick an apartment which suits your needs and plans and stay close to this great event!

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