BITEF - Prologue 2020

The famous BITEF festival will be held for the 54th time in this year marked with corona virus pandemic, under the intriguing title „Edge of the Future“.

BITEF - Prologue 2020

Due to the outbreak of the epidemiological situation, but also the entire course of the corona virus pandemic, which already overwhelmed the world at the beginning of this year and resulted in major changes in literally all spheres in society, many events have been canceled or postponed for a while. The world of theater is going through a crisis, not only because of financial difficulties, but also because of other limitations imposed by the newly-emerged situation. All this made it even more difficult when it comes to preparing and organizing this important festival, so the Belgrade International Theater Festival, the popular BITEF, will be held this year in a slightly different, restricted form.

The plan is to organize the combined 54th and 55th editions of BITEF next year, and BITEF - PROLOGUE will be held this year, as a form of announcement of that event. BITEF - Prologue has kept the planned title of the 54th edition - On the Edge of the Future.

In accordance with all health and epidemiological measures and procedures, all events of the planned BITEF - Prologue will take place only in the Bitef Theater, as well as on the open stage at the Mira Trailović Square in Bitef City. In addition to the planned performances, BITEF-Prologue will also contain the usual side program, including performances, scientific forums, talks and meetings with artists and authors of theater performances.

BITEF - Prologue will be held from September 12-14.

Certainly the most significant or most prominent event within the program will be the play Uncanny Valley by director Stefan Kaegi, while the play Traces, whose choreographer and also director is Wim Vandekeybus, will be performed at the opening ceremony of the festival. Also, the ensemble play - 2020, inspired by the works of Yuval Noah Harari, will be performed at the festival. The author is the Croatian director Ivica Buljan, and the play was co-produced with Slovenian theaters. We must not forget to mention the play of the Belgrade Drama Theater, Living Room, which will be the only Serbian representative at the festival, and the director and set designer is the German author Ersan Mondtag.

The mentioned plays are only a small part of the program of this three-day event which will provide the Belgrade audience, within a restricted scope though, but not with limited experience, with a quality and unique reminder of theatrical life that we all missed greatly.

If you are a fan of theater art, and even a little different, and somewhat more progressive artistic expression, do take this opportunity and in these unusual times during the festival, stroll along the streets and squares of Belgrade and enjoy responsibly the interesting performances at the BITEF festival.

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