Car show in Belgrade 2017

For all car lovers and wind-in-your-hair addicts – get ready! From March 24 – April 2, Belgrade will host the 53th International Car Show.

Car show in Belgrade 2017

Car lovers – get ready! Ten days of March will be dedicated exclusively for you as from March 24 – April 2, Belgrade will host the 53th International Car Show.

The organisers promise an indeed spectacular event this year. There should be a number of presenters who have not participated in the car show so far, there will also be quite a lot of premieres and presentations of new technological solutions in car industry
The representatives of well-known brands are going to present an entire offer of their products – starting from small city cars, to the premium categories and exclusive vehicles most of us can only dream of (or wait for some ten years or so until these cars are offered for sale on some used car sales web sites).

The presenters on this year’s car show will focus more on the development of alternative engines and the visitors will be able to find out more about the latest models of electric cars, although, if we consider the infrastructure and the number of available chargers in Serbia, the potential owners of these eco-friendly vehicles won’t be able to boast the mileage covered.

For the visitors who are looking for something new in their garage, the car show is an ideal place to be. Most presenters have prepared additional discounts to facilitate the purchase and make it more affordable. Also, a number of banks and leasing companies have come up with special terms and conditions so that potential buyers could get a new car in the simplest and most acceptable way.

Apart from the car show, the 11th International Motor Show “Motopassion” takes place simultaneously with the car show, so the motorcycle and quad addicts will be able to enjoy the offer and the additional motorcycle equipment. The presenters will be among the world famous brands and they will further contribute to this fascinating event dedicated to all those wind-in-your-hair addicts and lovers of freedom which only these vehicles can offer.

Finally, we must not forget the gorgeous hostesses, who will be the cherry on the cake during this, let’s admit, gathering primarily intended for men. One hostess will be awarded the title the Miss of 53th International Car Show Belgrade 2017.

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