Concert of Bajaga i Instruktori

Momčilo Bajagić – Bajaga, probably one of the most prominent rock and pop musicians in the region is to take the stage in Belgrade after years of not performing here, backed up by his Instruktori band

Concert of Bajaga i Instruktori

There is no such person, regardless of their age and the generation, who has never heard of Bajaga, or any of his songs, chorus or the tune.
Perhaps in some distant parts of Serbia we might come across an older person who had no opportunity to get to know this musician, however, in Belgrade we are entirely certain that such a scenario is impossible.
Bajaga & Instruktori are simply the story of Belgrade, although Momcilo would prefer to be called a Zemun resident, as this is where he has spent most of his life. The lyrics almost always inspired by love, the memorable melodies and a specific jargon are, in essence, Belgrade in a nutshell.

Bajaga & Instruktori boast with more than 30 years of music experience, with 13 albums and numerous projects done for films, theatre and other artistic endeavours.
Ever since the album “Pozitivna geografija”, to “Sa druge strane jastuka” and “Prodavnica tajni” (the favourite one among us in Novi apartmani), all the way to the album “Daljina, dim i prašina” and this year latest “U sali lom”, Bajaga has produced unforgettable hits loved by everyone and hummed and whistled in the street, in the car and in the shower. Among the dozens of his hits, we would like to single out perhaps the unofficial hymn of Belgrade “442 do Beograda”.

After almost 12 years, Bajaga will take the stage of Belgrade Arena and offer the set list from this year tour to his city, to the joy of all Belgrade people and their guests. Bajaga has promised fantastic atmosphere, because in his words, your mood is entirely different when you’re performing in your hometown. The concert will also be the opportunity to us to see a number of guests and friends of the band, however, their names will probably remain a secret until a few days before the very concert.

If you’re a fan of Bajaga and his work, or you just happen to be very fond of the good old rock & roll sound, visiting Stark Arena on 1 December 2018 is simply the right thing to do. That’s why we’re suggesting that you get the tickets on time and especially if you are coming outside Belgrade, choose an affordable and superbly-furnished apartment near the venue of the concert. So, do check out the section NEW BELGRADE in our web site and pick an apartment which will fully meet all your expectations and be ready to enjoy this amazing music performance.

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