Concerts on the wall, for ten years in Belgrade

An inevitable part of Belgrade's summer life and one of the most favorite cultural events in our capital is once again inviting all of you to visit the Concerts on the Wall.

Concerts on the wall, for ten years in Belgrade

As an inevitable part of Belgrade's summer life in the past ten years, the Concerts on the Wall have become highly regarded and one of the favorite cultural programs of Belgrade residents and guests of our capital.

Since 2013, the Youth Center has featured nearly 250 bands on the Milan Mladenović Plateau through the "Concerts on the Wall" event, most of them being the aspiring musical talents, but also many already established bands and performers from the country and the region.

This year will be no different, because the tradition has to carry on. Every Friday from 20.00 the Wall in front of the Youth Center becomes a place where you can meet, socialize and enjoy good sound. This stage, in the heart of the city, is traditionally open to musicians of all genres, specifically focusing on young bands and creative individuals who produce original music. This is why the Wall is important - it often gives the young musicians and bands the first opportunity to show their talents in front of a wide audience, both passers-by and attentive listeners of all ages.

This year's season of Concerts at the Wall, symbolically began on June 21, on World Music Day, when members of the famous RTS Big Band orchestra performed a part of their repertoire on the Milan Mladenović Plateau.

After that, in July and August, our weekends will start with fantastic bands, surprising musical discoveries and joyful gatherings right at "the Wall".

As the organizers of this unique event noted: "Be part of a unique journey through punk, metal, hard core, jazz, electronica, hip-hop, blues, rock, alternative - all the exciting things that music can offer!" Novi apartmani fully agrees with this statement.

If you are a genuine fan of high-quality sound and have always kept pace with the musical trends, pick any Friday during summer in Belgrade, and visit "the Wall" in front of Youth Center, as you will definitely enjoy a quality musical performance.

If you are coming outside Belgrade and would like to check out this event, book your accommodation in time. Visit the Novi apartmani portal and in the Strict Center section choose an apartment that will meet your expectations, and enable you to stay within walking distance not only from "the Wall", but also from numerous sights and places that you will simply have to visit in Belgrade.

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