December: The month of euphoria, partying and madness

Yes, as you’ve probably noticed already, the very last month of 2018 is here, the time of celebration, festive mood and New Year preparations.

December: The month of euphoria, partying and madness

Although it’s the same thing year after year, and yes, quite honestly, it may seem dull to wait for the clock only to strike midnight, the month of December, however, remains the most cheerful month in the year – the month of euphoria and partying and the time when we all get our things done for this special night to come and the new year, waiting right there at the corner.

Some of you tend to buy the most expensive and lavish clothes, and some of us are just sitting at home with our toddlers, but all of you and all of us are pretty anxious and joyful while waiting for this last evening of the year. There’s buzzing and shouting everywhere, there’s shopping madness, there’s looking for the special food recipes and putting the decoration all over your house or office – and that’s the way to go all the way in December. In early days of the month already, you will step outside and see that things have changed – the streets are covered with decorations, lights and your favourite bakery store or the cafe bar look entirely different, and then a few days later, a gigantic tree will apprear, adorned with tens of Christmas decorations right in front of your company door. The entrance doors to the shopping malls will be full of people, surrounded by loud music and the city streets and squares will be packed with people listening to free concerts, plays, exhibitions, while the charming girls in Santa Claus costumes are handing out leaflets for crazy New Year parties...

If you’ve already decided or you’re still in two minds whether to spend this special night at some of the best parties you’ll never forget – don’t worry, because you’re at the right place. For years now, Belgrade has been the place well-known for its crazy partying and spectacular New Year events.

The partying gets even more intense at the very New Year eve when visitors from all around Serbia, the region and beyond come here. The squares at the city centre become the stages for some of the most popular performers in front of tens of thousands of people. The atmosphere is always fantastic and good partying is guaranteed. Dancing and jumping around, including the few bottles of alcohol you’ve taken with you from your flat are your only ways to warm up, so all the guests who are not so fond of spending a cold night out will probably decide to stay at some indoor party. Many of you will choose some of the exclusive hotels and this superb night will get you a perfect dinner, great wine and a wide range of music genres to choose from, surrounded by a host of celebrities. For all of you looking for good fun, folk and traditional music, there are river bars and restaurants, everywhere around the city. You will probably be tempted to grab the microphone yourself, grab one too many and enjoy the night of your lifetime, AND WE REALLY MEAN IT. Some of us are looking forward to clubbing and good DJs who will come here from all around the world, and you can definitely expect the crazy party all night long. Fancy dress parties and other special parties are also becoming a usual thing, and all of this makes an exhaustive list of places you can visit during the craziest night of all.

It’s time to get ready, as the party is already in full swing. Visit the web site of Novi apartmani, and in the sections STRICT CENTER , DORĆOL and CENTER, you can find plenty of charming apartments which will make you feel comfortable and relaxed for the incoming New Year madness, in the city which is the perfect place for New Year celebration.

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