Električni Orgazam band back in Belgrade

After quite some time, the iconic Belgrade band Električni Orgazam is once again to hit the stage of the Youth center and promote the new album.

Električni Orgazam band back in Belgrade

Električni Orgazam, the legendary rock band will conclude its spring tour at a concert in Belgrade.
The gig is set for April 20th at the famous Youth Center. This will also be the opportunity for the band to promote its new album titled „Gde smo sad? (Where are we now?)“ recorded last year and the audience and critics proclaimed it to be the best Rock'n Roll album in 2018.

Ever since „Električni orgazam“ was founded, as long ago in 1980, the founder and frontman of the band, energetic and versatile Srđan Gojković Gile approached the music and music industry with his own unique and original vision and offered to his audience very recognisable, yet unusual and different melodies.

The first songs of Elektricni orgazam that attracted a lot of attention were recorded in the album Paket aranzman together with bands „Idoli“ and „Šarlo akrobata“. These were the songs „Krokodili dolaze“ and „Zlatni papagaj“. Immediately afterwards, they were given the opportunity to record their own independent album which was titled after the very name of the band -“Električni Orgazam”. Over the years, the band produced some of the favourite and best-loved albums with dozens of recognisable songs. There is no single person in this country, regardless of his/her music taste, who can say they’ve never heard of at least some of their songs, such as: „Kako bubanj kaže“, „Seks, droga, nasilje i strah“, „Debela devojka“, „Ja sam težak kao konj“, „Bejbe, ti nisi tu“, “Igra Rock'n Roll cela Jugoslavija“ ...


Parallel to his work in Električni Orgazam, Gile also took part as a member of other bands or made music on his own, recorded movie soundtracks, worked as a journalist, organised concerts and in a nutshell, remained one of the most prominent Belgrade musicians. The movies, such as „Kako je propao rokenrol (The Fall of Rock’n’Roll)“ from 1989 and „Crni bombarder (The Black Bomber)“ from 1993 are some of the finest and most iconic movies in our cinematography, with soundtracks produced by Gile. The cooperation between Gile and Vlada Divljan resulted in the famous 1991 album – „Lutka koja kaže ne“, while 1992 was marked with the project of bands EKV, Partibrejkersi and Električni Orgazam titled “Rimtutituki”. The goal of the project was promoting anti-war feelings.

This year, Električni Orgazam is touring the region organising concerts, playing and creating some new pieces of music. It seems they are still resolved to make some good melodies, perhaps even more than ever before. Those of you who would like to see them live on 20th April will definitely witness a memorable music event, and for all of you who wouldn’t, you can still stick to their good old hits.

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