Final Four in Belgrade

This spring as well, Belgrade becomes the central place of European basketball as it is proud to host some of the best basketball players in the world today.

Final Four in Belgrade

Due to the current situation with the coronavirus, as well as strict measures imposed in Berlin, prohibiting the audience from attending sports events for the time being, Belgrade once again got the great honor of hosting the Final Four, the strongest basketball club competition in Europe, which will take place at Belgrade Arena in New Belgrade, just like four years ago.

So, this largest regional multi-purpose indoor facility will once again host this major and important competition. For now, we know that the current champion of the old continent - Anadolu Efes - will definitely compete to defend the title.

Belgrade is an absolutely ideal choice for such a basketball event, not only because of the fantastic sports hall, but primarily because Belgrade lives and breathes basketball. Serbia has always been a basketball nation. The popularity of this sport first started in Belgrade, and basketball is indeed a sport that is deeply rooted in the Serbian being. With so many gold medals at world, Olympic and European championships won by the national teams of the SFRY and the national teams that are its successors, the so-called Yugoslav basketball school has proved its immense quality and it still exists in all the former Yugoslav republics, and predominantly in Serbia, in the last two decades.

At the same time, Belgrade and the tournament organizers guarantee that the audience will be allowed to attend provided they possess valid vaccination certificates, and, just like before, it seems that everyone will enjoy this iconic sports event, both the audience and the players!

Novi apartmani, being genuine and proper fans of this sport, will keep an eye on all that happens in relation to the Final-Four competition and keep you informed in detail about all the latest news. We will inform you in time to start booking accommodation, as, just like four years ago, all accommodation capacities will be already booked long before the first match in the competition.

But don't worry! In our exhaustive database of apartments, we have an impressive number of apartments in New Belgrade, located close to Arena sports hall – the place that will certainly be a genuine basketball temple this spring.

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