From Belgrade with love

The famous February 14th is actually not at all different from any of the other 364 days in the year, yet, everything seems diifferent on this very day!

From Belgrade with love

Holidays are the days most of us really look forward to, particularly for the reasons of vacation, and different, pleasant atmosphere and the feeling of enjoyment. Holidays may sometimes remind us of some genuine values that we otherwise tend to forget in our everyday lives, while surrounded by some other important things. The New Year, Christmas, Easter are some of the days we all spend with our families, surrounded by love and warmth of our homes.

One day in the year, however, is reserved for the most important and biggest value. It makes the world go round, sparks good deeds, but also the wars and troubles. You know it all too well – we’re talking about love.
In different cultures, this day of love is not always celebrated on February 14th and is not always referred to as St. Valentine, or St. Tryphon, but the fact is that in all countries around the world, this day celebrates one of the most glorious values, and this is love.

Some say that St. Valentine used to be a priest who spread the word of christianity, peace and love. He was arrested and imprisoned. He fell in love with the daughter of his jailer and before the execution left her a message signed by – your Valentine. This is where this appropriate title came from for the ones in love. Just like in the distant past, even today love can be hidden from others, sometimes even from the person you love, but most commonly we strive to show to the person we love how much we actually love her or him. On Valentine’s Day, lovers send each other lovely cards, give romantic and cute presents, nicely wrapped chocolate bars, poems, flowers and pictures. Most importantly, they spend this day together, dedicated only to one another.


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