Get ready for Belgrade Museum Night 2017

The Museum Night, one of the most popular Belgrade culture events, takes place for the 14th time in a row on May 20, 2017 under the motto „Great and small revolutions.“

Get ready for Belgrade Museum Night 2017

One of the most popular and visited Belgrade culture events is the famous Museum Night, which also takes place in 120 cities around the world.This 14thMuseum Night event takes place in Belgrade under the motto „Great and small revolutions“.

Belgrade Museum Night is the event which gathers thousands of visitors every year. It must be admitted, however, that this event in particular motivated the people of Belgrade to visit its musems more often. Museum Night, however, also attracts numerous other Belgrade visitors. The first Museum Night was visited by around 4000 people, and a decade afterwards, this number increased to 500 thousand visitors during one museum night. Also, during this first museum night event a total of five museums and galleries in Belgrade opened their doors to visitors. Today, there are more than 200 locations all across Serbia and 67 in Belgrade available for Museum Night visitors. Museum Night event traditionally takes place on the third Saturday in May, when nights are usually warm and pleasant.

As there is a large number of museums, galleries, exhibitions and other relevant culture venues opened for this very event, for the reasons of convenience,the organisers attempted to group the entire event offer into several thematic areas and place them into a few city areas.The city areas have therefore been marked with letters A toG, and include:A - Dorćol; B - Kalemegdan; C – Knez Mihajlova street; D – Wider central area; E – Boulevard, Slavija square, Ruzveltova street; F – Topčider park,Senjak, Dedinje; G- New Belgrade and Zemun.

As the locations are so numerous and varied, website noviapartmani.comwill now try to pick a few locations that you should definitely visit, hoping that it will make the job easier for all those who would like to attent this fantastic event.


This year offers some very interesting thematic tours, which target different interests and appeals of visitors.For example, the visitors will be able to enjoy the tour Viasat History –Museum Night Untold Stories, and includes some insufficiently explored, or somewhat forgotten culture values. This tour will take you to the Russian Home, Human anatomy museum at the Faculty of Medicine, Belgrade Fair, Dorcol National theatre, and Residence of Princess Ljubica.

The new tour in this year’s Museum Night is definitely the Kids’ tour – the youngest visitors will take a stroll from Cvijeta Zuzoric Pavillion, Faculty of Chemistry, Belgrade Zoo, Museum of Science and Technology, Musem of Pedagogy to SULUJ Gallery, Academy of Science and Arts Gallery and other interesting locations.
Some other thematic areas include: Modern art and contemporary culture, In old apparel and with new spirit, Belgrade with styleandBelgrade for fans of science, technology and architecture.

The theatre goers will also be offered an unusual programme during this event. The National Theatre Museum will host an exhibition entitled “Revolutionary scenography materials”. The young scenographers will be working on a set of theatre sceneries during the night using different materials.

Also, the Dorcol National Theatre, in cooperation with the Anne Frank House from Amsterdam, will present a story of the people who lived in Solunska street, the atrocities of the Holocaust and the people who disappeared forever. This dramatic story is entitled „The red car“.

In the musem Kovacnica GSP, an exhibition will be held to mark the 70th anniversary of the first trolleybus in the streets of Belgrade. The exhibition will present some memorable vehicles of the City transport company Belgrade, but also some of the vehicles which are considered to be the future of Belgrade public transport. In this highly unusual venue you will also be able to see some other machines, tools and photos which will lead all the visitors through this charming part of Belgrade history.

Belgrade Military musem, located at Kalemegdan fortress, apart from its standing exhibition of artefacts from prehistoric times to NATO war, for this Musem Night event will focus on the centenary of the Great War, and particularly on the life of common people during the war, whose lives were unavoidably intertwined with and related to army.In the shelters of the military museum, we can get to know the history of Serbian police, uniforms, weapons, vehicles and war medals awarded to prominent members during the history. During the visit to Kalemegdan fortress, web site noviapartmani.comstrongly recommends that you also visit the Roman well, Gunpowder magazine, Nebojsa tower – definitely the symbols of the famous Kalemegdan fortress.

Belgrade Cooperative Building – Geozavod, is celebrating its 110th birthday this year and is an anthological piece of modern Serbian architecture. We strongly recommend that you visit this location during the Museum Night and also see the exhibition of photos presenting the architecture of Sava bank area.


This year’s event is also supported by the two most relevant media outlets in Serbia -TANJUG and RTS. During the Museum Night, the newspaper agency Tanjug will reveal some of its rich photo archives, and the RTS gallery will host the exhibition of works of its most memorable, but also the contemporary authors.

For all the fans of medicine and forensic science, the Human anatomy museum at the Faculty of Medicine and the Forensic medicine institute, will open their doors and present some fantastic exhibitions for all the fans of detective block busters and popular series, like Dr. House and Grey’s Anatomy.

This is just a small portion of what you can see during this popular event. Each year, the offer is getting better and better, and gradually covers all areas of social life in Belgrade and Serbia. This is the opportunity for the younger generations to experience in person the rich legacy of our ancestors, and also to gain insight into some contemporary trends and future societal development. Web site hopes that all the visitors of Museum Night event will enjoy Belgrade cultural treasury, and after a night spent awake, we recommend that you get some good and much needed rest in some of the apartments available on the web site

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