Gipsy Kings in Belgrade

After a decade, the legendary Gipsy Kings are back in Belgrade. Don’t miss the alchemy of these guitar magicians!

Gipsy Kings in Belgrade

Within their 2017 world tour, the legendary Gipsy Kings are going to visit Belgrade, to the great joy of all our people. This is the party we don’t want to miss and it’s scheduled for the very last day of March at the New Belgrade Sports Hall.

The music this group of musicians has been making for more than 25 years can be categorised as the „World Music“, the specific mixture of traditional flamenco music, Western pop music and Latino beats. Such unusual blend, dating back to the times of the ancestors of the current band members, comes as a highly unique, yet universal, music style dominant in the charts for several decades.

Some 25 years ago, the band’s founding members Jose Reyes and Manitas de Plata, undoubtedly among the top guitar players of all time, passed on the tradition of making magnificent music to their sons, the current band leaders - Nicolas Reyes and Tonnino Baliardo.

The band members come from southern France and their families still live there, however, the Gipsy Kings have spent their whole career touring worldwide, offering to their audience the unforgettable rhythm and passionate performance. A number of television series was recorded on tour, they took part in various projects, and their interpretation of “Hotel California” was used as a soundtrack for the fantastic Big Lebowski movie.

The last time Gipsy Kings performed in Belgrade was exactly 10 years ago, in front of packed Belgrade Arena. Many still vividly recall this concert and can’t wait for the March 31st, expecting another great party, passionate atmosphere and fantastic time. Belgrade citizens, as well as all our guests will be able to experience another passionate performance of the greatest hits, such as Volare, Bamboleo, Baila me and lots of others.

We will definitely attend this spectacular event, however, we will still be there for all of you looking for accommodation in Belgrade. If you’re planning to visit Belgrade and come to this great concert, we suggest that you check out our offer of places to stay in New Belgrade and pick the one which suits you best.

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