Goran Bregovic concert in Belgrade

Goran Bregović, one of the most prominent names of the ex-Yugoslav music industry and beyond, is to take the stage in Belgrade after two decades.

Goran Bregovic concert in Belgrade

After an unbelievable span of two decades, a musician, performer and composer Goran Bregovic is definitely coming to Belgrade. The organisers are already announcing this as the unforgettable event which is to take place on 15 December 2018 in Stark Arena in New Belgrade. This promises to be one of the most spectacular concerts of this world-known and immensely popular musician.

As a boy, Bregovic used to play the violin and later on, the guitar. His music career started in late 1960s, at the time when he used to play the bass guitar with the well-known Zeljko Bebek, among others. He played in a band „Beštije“ and „Kodeksi“, and ultimately went on to play the lead guitar. In 1971, he started the band „Jutro“ which later became „Bijelo dugme“. As a founder and the front man of Bijelo dugme, and the only permanent member, Bregovic achieved huge success. It is considered one of the greatest, if not the greatest, rock band in former Yugoslavia. Since the start all until 1989, they released nine studio albums and three concert albums. Some of their concerts are now considered as the most visited ones in Yugoslavia, and many of their songs are even today extremely popular, even among the younger generations. Some of Bijelo dugme’s major hits were „Đurđevdan“, „Tako ti je mala moja kad ljubi bosanac“, „Selma“, „Lipe cvatu“, „Pristao sam biću sve što hoće“, „Ne spavaj mala moja muzika dok svira“, „Ima neka tajna veza“,“Ne gledaj me tako i ne ljubi me više“.

Bregovic had another, parallel career as the composer of movie soundtracks. The first movie he worked on was Emir Kusturica’s „Dom za Vešanje“ (Time of the Gypsies) in 1988. When the movie achieved great success, Bregovic continued with composing the movie music. The next big thing was also in cooperation with Kusturica in 1993, with the famous „Arizona Dream“. Soon afterwards, there was the „Queen Margot“, by the French director Patrice Chereau, awarded at the Cannes festival and Kusturica’s „Underground“, awarded with the Palme d’Or, where Bregovic was also the composer for the soundtrack.

In addition to making movie music, Goran Bregović cooperated with many world music stars where he had immense success, as can be seen in the number of albums sold.
He is currently on tour with his „Weddings and funerals orchestra“, founded in 1998, performing the traditional Balkan music and his own songs based on Gypsy and Balkan melodies and rhythm, including the covers of Bijelo dugme songs. The orchestra consists of between 10 to 30 performers, depending on the circumstances. The latest tour is all about promoting the album „Three letters from Sarajevo“, written for three violins.

At the concert on 15 December, Bregovic is to perform with the RTS Symphonic orchestra and with numerous friends and colleagues. As announced, this spectacular event should last no less than two and a half hours, much to the joy of all the visitors.

This is the type of the event we from Novi apartmani cannot miss. That’s why we recommend to all our guests to plan their stay carefully and make sure they visit this unique music event, the concert they will definitely never forget. So clear your agenda for 15 December and book the tickets on time and think about the accommodation as well. Choose an affordable and perfectly furnished apartment near Stark Arena on time. Check out our web site and the section New Belgrade, and choose an apartment that suits you best and get ready for some great music!

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