Guardians of the formula in Belgrade cinemas

The third movie directed by our famous movie worker Dragan Bjelogrlic finally started featuring in Belgrade cinemas and beyond.

Guardians of the formula in Belgrade cinemas

The long-awaited film by Dragan Bjelogrlić finally arrives in Belgrade cinemas. After the major success that the film "Guardians of the Formula" achieved at this year's film festivals in Locarno and Sarajevo, where it won the prestigious award of the Variety magazine, as well as the audience award at the Sarajevo festival, our movie goers will finally have the opportunity to watch it this autumn as a part of the regular cinema repertoire.

Dragan Bjelogrlić, a famous actor and already an established director, decided to bring some regional historical figures and events to life on the movie screen. This time, Bjelogrlić takes us to the Cold War year of 1958 and the Vinča Nuclear Institute, where professor Dragoslav Popović is in charge of a top-secret government project that will have far-reaching, even fatal consequences for him and his three students. After an unexpected exposure to radiation, the lives of the professor and young researchers become endangered, so they are transported to France for treatment, hoping that the doctors in France will find a solution that did not exist at the time.

In addition to depicting in a very vivid and realistic manner the entire course of events that led to the nuclear accident, Bjelogrlić has developed a unique way of describing the historical and political framework of Yugoslavia at the peak of the Cold War, but above all, it shows us the struggle for the lives of professors and students, as well as the humanity and compassion between the French and Serbian people shown not through high political affairs and relations between the two governments, but through the generosity of ordinary French and Parisians who put their lives at risk by agreeing to be donors in an invasive and very risky procedure at the time - the first bone marrow transplant in the history of medicine, a procedure that up to the present day has saved so many patients.

The French professor Mate, who performed the first bone marrow transplant on Yugoslav physicists who had been exposed to radiation, was not awarded the Nobel Prize for his endeavor, so one of the indirect intentions of the entire movie crew was to give this doctor and humanitarian a small but valuable honor he deserves.

All the relevant features of Bjelogrlić's films are also to be found in the film "Guardians of the Formula". First of all, the striking and somewhat romantic setting and costumes, which successfully brought to life the era in which the story is set.
The film ’Guardians of the Formula’ sheds light on a very important event that took place in our region, and which was only discussed in the general public since 1997. As genuine lovers of the movie art, we at Novi apartmani wholeheartedly recommend that you set aside an afternoon during your visit to Belgrade and enjoy this valuable, but above all, interesting artistic achievement. After that, you can head to the Belgrade suburbs of Vinča where, in addition to the mentioned nuclear institute (now devoid of a nuclear reactor), there is also a unique archaeological site where you can learn all about the Neolithic culture, the first people and the settlements that developed in this area more than 7,000 years ago!

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