Guitar Art Festival 2018

One of the famous music festivals in this part of Europe, the Guitar Art Festival, is to take place mid-March in Belgrade, for 19th year in a row.

Guitar Art Festival 2018

Guitar Art Festival is a unique educational and competition event which takes place in Belgrade during 16-21 March, under the motto „Be Connected“. The festival was first launched in 2000 with the main goal of connecting, merging and promoting the contemporary music forms and new talents, enabling the exchange of experiences and getting to know modern trends of guitar music.

During the festival, all the lovers of guitar music will enjoy 10 concerts. The biggest star of the festival – a Portuguese diva Dulce Pontes will perform on 20 March at Sava Centre venue, and all other concerts will be organized in the Great Hall of the Youth Centre. Dulce Pontes, one of the most recognized vocals in the world celebrates 30 years of her career, with notable contribution to the rise of fado music style.

The official opening of the festival is scheduled for 16 March by the great concert of guitar duo, Sergio & Odair Assad – widely known as Assad Brothers. The following day is reserved for the American blues trio Michael Hell, as a part of the new festival project, under the name Belgrade guitar scene. During the remaining days, the visitors will be able to attend the concerts of Duo Mushkalica, Joaquin Clerk, Puerto Flamenco, Duo Melis, Pacho Flores & Jesus “Pinguino” Gonzales, Srđan Bulatović and Darko Nikčević ensemble.


The last day of the festival is dedicated to the project „Guitar Integration 2“ involving the performance of „European guitar suite“ composed by Aleksandar Sedlar, Nejc Kuhara, Golfam Khayam and Marek Pasieci, supported by World Guitar Orchestra and El Sistema Youth Symphony Orchestra.

The competition part of the programme will also take place during the festival, in two categories – solo guitar and guitar competition in chamber music. The festival will also feature interesting lectures and panel discussions.

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