Hari Mata Hari’s october concerts in Belgrade

One of the most beloved regional pop performers is to hold two consecutive October concerts in Belgrade!

Hari Mata Hari’s october concerts in Belgrade

Given the great popularity he’s always enjoyed here, the famous Sarajevo performer Hari Mata Hari, together with his band will deliver two consecutive concerts in the Serbian capital. Belgrade's MTS hall will once again resonate with the famous hits that this pop artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina will perform with his band. By the way, this will also be his 35th and 36th concert for the Belgrade audience, which is surely a thing to be proud of.

Do you know the real name of Hari Mata Hari?

His real name is Hari Varešanović and he was born in 1961 in Sarajevo. He started his musical career as the frontman of the Sarajevo bands "Proljeće" and "Ambasadori". An interesting fact that we from Novi apartmani will now remind you of is that since 1985 Hari Mata Hari and his band have released 15 albums and compilations, selling more than 5 million records, which is definitely worth mentioning.

This iconic pop artist has definitely made a lot of hit songs and is definitely best known for his ballads, which we are quite sure that almost everyone from the Ex-Yu region has heard of at least once. The hit songs, such as "Ja nemam snage da te ne volim," "Strah me da te volim", “Prsten i zlatni lanac”, Svi moji drumovi”, Kao domine”, “Kad dođe oktobar” and "Ostani" have created a huge fanbase who are always anxious to attend the next Hari Mata Hari’s concert.

In 2006, Hari represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Eurovision song contest, where he performed with the song "Lejla" with a great success, winning the high 3rd place at this world renown competition.

During his long career, Hari Mata Hari experimented with different musical styles, such as pop, rock, as well as traditional Bosnian music, and regardless of the style, all Hari’s songs are distinctly emotional with pure and sincere lyricism that make him a favorite singer, primarily among women audience.

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So, “When October comes…”, as Hari would say...

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