Hladno pivo live in Belgrade

This summer Tasmajdan venue will vibrate with guitar riffs and the recognizable voice of Mile Kekin and Zagreb-based punk-rock band Hladno pivo.

Hladno pivo live in Belgrade

After 20 years of musical career, the legendary Zagreb-based punk rock band led by the famous Mile Kekin, will celebrate their first concert held in Belgrade on June 16, 2001 in SKC venue.
Numerous concerts followed after this initial concert, at Sports Hall, the Belgrade Fortress and the Novi Sad Fair several times, and the band also performed at the most popular festivals in Serbia.
Now it's time for the famous Tasmajdan, the ideal place for such a summer music spectacle that will take place on August 21.

On this summer night, Tasmajdan will echo the famous hit songs of Hladno pivo, such as „Pjevajte nešto ljubavno“, „Svijet glamura“, „Teško je ful biti kul“, „Šamar“, „Ezoterija“, „Soundtrack za život“, „Nije sve tako sivo“, „Konobar“, „Samo za taj osjećaj“, „Na ovim prostorima“ and many others.

By the way, Hladno Pivo, in its 3 decades of prominent work, have definitely proved that they are one of the most important punk rock bands in this part of Europe. In addition, the band members, and especially the frontman Mile Kekin remained very active in promoting tolerance, and are committed to combating totalitarianism and any extremism, the dominant chauvinistic attitudes that, especially in this area, in the recent past have led to extremely devastating consequences.

If you’re planning to celebrate this jubilee together with Hladno pivo, and also to have fun responsibly, we advise you to get your tickets on time, as due to epidemiological measures, the access to the concert will still be partially limited. If you are coming outside Belgrade, it would be wise to find yourself accommodation on time. We from Novi apartmani suggest that you visit our website and in the section STRICT CENTER () pick an apartment that will be up to your expectations. Then you’ll be all ready to enjoy this great music event!

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