Ice skating season is just starting out

This year as well, Belgrade will provide multiple locations for all of you who are fond of ice skating, the ancient and genuinely romantic skill.

Ice skating season is just starting out

Given the weather conditions and the above average temperature, the start is a bit delayed, but this year the skating season in Belgrade will definitely be open. The Pionir Ice Hall opened its doors in early October, but soon other smaller seasonal ice rinks will also prepare an ice surface for so many fans of this skill, local residents and foreigners.

First of all, there is the skating rink at the Tasmajdan area, which will be functional until February 20 and which will provide numerous benefits at different times, primarily focusing on our youngest fellow citizens. So, during the winter break in the period from 12:00 to 14:00, all primary and secondary school students from the territory of Belgrade will be able to use the ice rink completely free of charge.

The Republic Square ice rink will also be launched, as it attracts more and more people every year. Due to high external temperatures, the opening of this rink has been delayed, but according to the announcements of the city authorities, as well as the forecasts of meteorologists, the opening of this rink is expected soon.

A popular ice rink will soon be opened near the Stone Town on Ada Ciganlija area. In addition to the standard rectangular skating surface, a circular path will be reopened, which stretches around the stone sculptures of the well-known Belgrade "Stonehenge" area.

This year, the Belgrade municipality of Kaludjerica will get its new skating rink, which will be opened in the front yard of the elementary school "Aleksa Santic", while all residents of New Belgrade will be able to enjoy the magic of ice within the Penguin Sports Center at 78 Jurija Gagarina Street.

Skating is not only fun, but it is also a sport perfect for burning the calories collected during the New Year and Christmas holidays.
Nutritionists say that the average recreational skater will burn 400 calories in an hour of light enjoyment on ice, while the advanced skaters will burn nearly 1000 calories.

As this is an outdoor sport, it is really considered a safe social activity and is fully in line with the measures for prevention and suppression of the infectious disease COVID-19.

If you are planning to visit Belgrade any time soon, Novi apartmani definitely recommends that you visit these skating rinks. And if you are staying in the Serbian capital with your family, make sure you find time to enjoy an unforgettable fun and healthy experience with your youngest family members. On our website, you can choose the accommodation that will meet all your criteria, no matter how high they may be, because our database definitely has all that you need.

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