International Women's Day 8 March

March 8 is a globally important symbol of a century-long struggle for economic, social and political equality of women in the world dominated by men.

International Women's Day 8 March

Our prettier halves (I intentionally avoid to say “the weaker halves”, as this would entirely reveal that a man is the author of the text) have so much experience gained in the bitter fight against the windmills, with only one goal in mind – achieving economic, social and political rights that some of us tend to take for granted nowadays. These rights, however, used to be utterly unavailable to millions of women all across the world, and even today in some countries. In addition to Saudi Arabia and some similar countries which still nurture the strict interpretation of religious rules from the beginning of the world as we know it, it may come as surprise that women in Switzerland, the country which is for all of us from the Balkans the embodiment of supreme political and economic system, were granted the right to vote only in 1972.

Nowadays, the situation is entirely different and considering the situation from early XX century, the progress is more than visible, perhaps more than in any other area. The differences, however, still remain and are visible to anyone willing to see them. To put it plainly, I’m not so keen on feminist movements, in the same way I’m not keen on any extreme organizations and movements, regardless of their liberal and advanced views and proper and decent goals. In this very case, however, I’ll have to admit that the prettier halves are, overall, in inferior position. As a typical male representative, I’ll try to illustrate the view based on a proper male topic – the sports. I am the one of people who strongly support higher financial rewards for top-rated sportswomen. I’m not suggesting that the rewards should be equal, as this is all about economics and the supply and demand principle (football is by all means more popular when played by men, which leads to higher profits from marketing contracts, sponsors, TV rights…), however, higher financial rewards and more importantly, the active effort towards better visibility of female versions of global sports is what I see as a way of ensuring the equality.

Anyway, we can ignore everything I just said above, but the fact is that equality issue is generally moving forward. There are more and more successful and educated women than ever, CEOs of major companies and holders of highest political functions (just look at Serbia and Croatia ), and generally discrimination of women has decreased significantly. On a global scale, even women in Saudi Arabia are now entitled to drive a car!

If we forget all these positive examples, we can always say there’s room for improvement. That’s why we from Novi apartmani portal suggest that you make use of this day and make a nice gesture to surprise and brighten up a day for your wife, mother, sister, colleague or a neighbor. Sometimes a small token of appreciation will be enough for you to show that you are a man who cares and knows the importance of universal love between people, men and women.

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And, in case we forget, although this is the formal special day, each our day should be March 8, the day when men pay respect to all the women who make this world a more beautiful place to live, the respect they definitely deserve!

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