It's time again for the Night of museums

One of the most visited cultural manifestations in Belgrade, will be held on 19th May 2018, for the fifteenth time under the name "Victories and victors".

It's time again for the Night of museums

The Night of Museums is a unique cultural spectacle, which is held in more than 120 cities worldwide, including Belgrade since 2005. First Night of Museums, held in 5 Belgrade museums and galleries, managed to animate more than 4,000 visitors, while in fourteen years that number has increased to unbelievable 500,000 entrances to museums on almost 200 locations, in more than 60 cities and places over Serbia. Last year on the European level, more than 3,000 museums in 30 countries of the old continent participated in this cultural manifestation.

Perhaps you, like the author of this text, were surprised when you found out that the tickets for the Night of Museums were available for sale because it still seems that last year’s event was held just recently. However, you are not right. It’s again time for this cultural spectacle, which will take place on 19th May starting at 5 p.m. to 1 a.m., when museums, galleries and numerous cultural institutions will open their doors to one more May night, inspired by culture, arts, curious minds and eyes wide open at night.

Topic of today’s manifestation is "Victories and victors" and in a certain way it is connected to jubilee – 100 years since the end of the First World War. Serbs are people who were winners in the Great War, thus according to words of the organiser, "that shall not be the only victory celebrated by 15th Night of Museums."
The aim of this year’s event has some personal, more intimate and humane victories as exceeding yourself – victories in life, arts, enlightenment, culture, science and everything which makes the world around us meaningful, important and valuable. 15th Night of Museums will be inspired by rich heritage, which is not only respect of tradition, but also innovations.

15th Night of Museums shall mark the victory of knowledge through establishment of the Great school in Belgrade and publishing of the first Serbian dictionary by Vuk Karadžić. Also, you’ll get to know some of the common elements in the work of famous artists, such as Rastko Petrović, Radoje Domanović and Nadežda Petrović.
The aim of the organisers is to familiarize the young with architecture and construction achievements of pioneer attempts in the construction of New Belgrade on the left coast of the Sava River, but also with the first female architect, Jelisaveta Načić, who 125 years ago designed Malo stepenište (The little stairway) at Kalemegdan fortress. Since the topic is "victory", the organisers will especially look back to an unusual and interesting way, which the Victor, a symbol of Belgrade, had to go through to its final and great victory.
The basic aim of 15th Night of Museums, as pointed out by the organiser, is giving opportunity to vivid people and events, which marked history and proved that culture can win again in 15th Night of Museums.

Tickets for jubilee 15th Night of Museums are for sale since 27th April, and a single ticket will open the door to more than a hundred various events for all ages in the most beautiful night in May during which museums, galleries, cultural centres and other numerous institutions will welcome their visitors.

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