Joy of europe in Belgrade

The greatest and oldest international children event will take place in Belgrade again this year, late in April at the Children’s Cultural Center in Belgrade.

Joy of europe in Belgrade

One of the most significant international events focusing on children's creativity, both in our country and in Europe, will be held this year on April 20, 2022.

This traditional event has been organized since 1969, at the beginning of October, but this year, due to all the issues related to the corona virus pandemic, organization of this international event was postponed until April 2022.

The "Joy of Europe" event is also the time when children from all over the "Old Continent" come to Belgrade to represent their countries and schools and perform at this traditional festival with the program they prepared. Children play, sing, act, but above all, they have great fun and at the same time, they make life-long friendships.

"Joy of Europe" is attended by children between the ages of 7 and 14 and each country is represented by a maximum of fifteen children with two adults to accompany them.

The founder and sponsor of this festival is traditionally the City Administration of the City of Belgrade, while the main program of the event is held at the Children's Cultural Center Belgrade.

This specialized venue is located in Takovska Street in Belgrade and is a reputable city institution with a tradition of more than six decades. In addition to the "Joy of Europe" event, this cultural institution hosts numerous creative, contemporary and interactive programs that follow the development of social phenomena and trends, in accordance with the interests of children and young people. During its decades-long existence, the Children's Cultural Center Belgrade has preserved all the good practices and contributed with modern work methods.

Novi apartmani has always been a big fan of this event, and some of us as children even took part in the festival program, when we represented our schools. That is why we definitely recommend that you follow this event and give support to children across Europe. If you are planning to visit the capital of Serbia during this international event, we advise you to take a couple of hours and support the children of Europe. Before that, however, we suggest that you get yourself the accommodation on time that will meet all your criteria.

On our website, visit the Center section and pick a superbly equipped apartment on time for only a portion of the price of an average hotel room.

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