A list of performers for the New Year celebration in Belgrade

Finally, the City Assembly and the Belgrade Festival Center announced the list of performers for the New Year celebration in Belgrade.

A list of performers for the New Year celebration in Belgrade

Without going into the reasons for doing so, but Belgrade started its transformation process long ago in order to organise even more impressive New Year celebration than the previous years. This year, however, was marked by some issues, particularly relating to construction works around the main venues for New Year concerts.

Still, one tradition remains unchanged and this is the New Year celebration right in front of the Parliament building. The plateau in front of this monumental building will once again be the main gathering point for everyone looking for fantastic and affordable New Year partying.

The main stars of this year’s party will definitely be the famous Haris Džinović and his sonorous voice who will stir up the atmosphere of this fantastic party, then also Bajaga i Instruktori only a month after their major concert in Belgrade Arena which marked the 35th anniversary of their successful work. There will also be Saša Kovačević, one of the girls’ favourite and finally, a perfectly unique brass orchestra – Dejan Petrović Big bend!

The partying in front of Parliament building starts already on 30th December, with the bands S.A.R.S., Rudimental and Stereo MC’s, including the winners of the competition “Let’s play covers”.

On the 1st January, the stage in front of the Parliament will host the well-known Aleksandar Sedlar, with the support of the symphonic orchestra and Aleksandar Eraković, the former front-man of a famous band Vampiri, also Bojana Vunturišević, ex Svi na pod band, Leontina Vukomanović with her choir “Čarolija” and Ana Stanić.
Later that day, the “evening performance” will include the concerts of Senidah, Rasta, Gramophondzie and "Disciples".

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