Luxurious New Year partying is in Belgrade

Spend an unforgettable New Year's Eve and rent for yourself and your circle of friends one of the many luxury apartments in Belgrade.

Luxurious New Year partying is in Belgrade

Belgrade has been long and carefully building the reputation of the entertainment capital in this part of Europe. Numerous festivals, diverse clubbing, as well as the memorable taverns where you would stay until dawn have established the capital of Serbia as a place of ultimate entertainment.

Of course, we must not forget the numerous gastronomic specialties, as well as the fine selection of domestic brandies and wines, which have recently easily found their way to the largest and most demanding global markets. At the same time, very affordable prices for most foreign tourists was just an additional benefit that influenced that all those who once visited Belgrade, return to this city soon.

All these features of the Serbian capital are even more visible while preparing for the New Year holidays, when the already diverse offer is further expanded, and as so many satisfied tourists who experienced the New Year partying in Belgrade, the choice of entertainment simply becomes endless! Numerous clubs, river clubs, restaurants, hotels, as well as countless cafes are competing in a way to surpass the last year's offer, while in completely amazing and hidden locations that so much resemble those from famous movie blockbusters, you can come across a rave party. In the end, Belgrade always leaves us the possibility to spend that "craziest night" on its squares, streets and other venues where the craziest New Year's parties are traditionally organized with a superb entertainment program.

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However, the situation with the covid pandemic has affected the lives of each of us in many ways, not only in Serbia, but also in every part of our planet. So, the 2021 New Year's Eve will be remembered as a New Year's celebration without public events and wild club parties. It was an evening when the well-known Belgrade cafes and restaurants were shut down, while large outdoor gatherings were banned, or at least, very strictly controlled.

A year later, things didn't change much for the better. However, as we have learned to live with the virus and with numerous restrictions and prescribed epidemiological measures, life has somehow returned to normal. Taverns and clubs are open again, the audience has returned to cultural and sports events, while life outside is normal.

This should mean that the New Year's Eve 2022 will definitely take place in the Balkan entertainment capital. Of course, due to travel restrictions, PCR testing, vaccination certificates and other epidemiological measures that are still in effect, it will certainly not be as it was before the pandemic, but a festive atmosphere and cheerful spirit is expected, just as was the case always with Belgrade.

 Being aware that health is the most important and that we should protect ourselves and adhere to all the prescribed epidemiological measures, Novi apartmani propose a slightly different New Year's Eve 2022.


Organize a memorable New Year party. Rent for yourself and a group of friends some of the numerous luxury apartments in Belgrade and spend an unforgettable New Year's Eve in a glamorous way, yet in completely controlled epidemiological conditions. At the same time, whatever luxury you may be used to, we can guarantee that you will be more than surprised! If you decide to book one of the many apartments from the Novi apartmani offer, you will be able to enjoy just as if you were the only guest in the most luxurious hotel, as some apartments not only offer plenty of space and superb SPA center, but also have a genuine swimming pool.

Novi apartmani portal has profiled itself as a place where you can find the most luxurious accommodation that Belgrade can offer at any time. Therefore, the team from this portal made a list of the best apartments for the New Year's Eve 2021.

The accommodation appropriately named DELUXE certainly stands out as the first in the list, as we cannot stay indifferent to its equipment and luxury. It is a two-room apartment of 150 sqm filled with pure luxury, which in addition to "standard" amenities, such as the highest quality sauna, luxury hot tub, huge showers, offers a real pool 10 meters long and 5 meters wide! The apartment is situated in Zemun and is hidden from the public gaze, with full access control in order to ensure privacy. This is certainly a feature that many will appreciate, however, the fact that the entire spa is available only to guests speaks a lot about the exclusivity and uniqueness of this place. And when you add to all these benefits the ability to have a heated water pool just a few steps from a luxurious king size bed covered with the finest leather, all the superlatives used to describe one such place are unnecessary.


There is also the apartment PLAY, a luxury accommodation that deserves all our attention. The apartment is located in the Yu Business Center in New Belgrade, and in addition to being exceptionally spacious and equipped with top quality amenities, PLAY also offers a superb spa center. Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a large hydro-massage tub that can easily accommodate 6 adults, and there is also a top-quality steam bath, as well as a Finnish sauna. In this apartment, hygiene and disinfection are treated very seriously, so active oxygen is used for disinfection, not chlorine.


In New Belgrade area, there are two more top apartments that should be mentioned. One of them is certainly the luxury apartment Arena Spa, located near the famous Belgrade Arena. This apartment offers a sauna, Jacuzzi hydro-massage tub, while lighting arrangement and a king-size bed 200x200 will ensure that guests genuinely relax in a royal way.

The second is the apartment Romantik, the accommodation also located near the Belgrade Arena - very luxuriously equipped with a state-of-the-art hydro-massage and lighting arrangement that will provide complete enjoyment for its guests.

The list of luxury apartments will definitely include the "Vracar group" of apartments which, apart from their premium location, also stand out with their exquisite equipment and luxury they provide to their guests. The apartment Happiness should also be mentioned, as a modern apartment located in a recently built luxury building in the heart of this Belgrade municipality. Superior materials and genuine luxury that is found every corner of this accommodation are the characteristics of this great apartment. Parking and a garage spot are available, which is certainly a great advantage, however, the fact that at the same address you can find our apartments Happiness 2 and Happiness 3 opens the possibility to accommodate up to 11 people in the same building is really unusual for apartments and is actually something you can expect to see only in hotels.


In Vracar area, we should definitely mention the luxuriously equipped Kristal Spa apartment, which in addition to a small spa center, also offers two luxuriously equipped bedrooms that will provide full comfort to their guests. In Vracar, the apartment Moda must be included, located in Njegoševa Street. Considering its location, size and luxurious equipment, this is the right choice for a New Year's Eve.

For all those for whom the location is not the primary concern, but prefer a top spa experience in complete privacy, Novi apartmani portal recommends the apartment Diamond Spa for the upcoming New Year's holidays. It is located in Zemun and in addition to absolute comfort, it also offers its guests an impressive wellness area, which is equipped with a steam bath, hydro-massage tub and high quality sauna.

For those who still want to welcome the year 2022 in the center of Belgrade, Novi apartmani really has a great choice of top apartments located in the heart of the Serbian capital. Alonso apartment is definitely worth mentioning - a luxuriously renovated apartment in the very center of Belgrade, enriched with nice and tastefully selected details that will give guests really a unique experience. With its size and location, apartment Space is a great choice, located less than 30 meters away from Knez Mihajlova Street. Its modernly equipped 100 square meters divided into two rooms will provide a wonderful feeling of space and comfort that everyone will enjoy! There is also the Palas apartment, also located in the very center of the city and the well-known Belgrade pedestrian zones. This fully renovated apartment will provide outstanding comfort to its guests. In the city center, we must mention the apartment Glamur. Located in the pedestrian zone, this luxury accommodation is characterized by superior aesthetics and the quality of materials used. Apartment Glamur has a superb Jacuzzi tub that will provide maximum enjoyment for two people. This outstanding apartment indeed deserves its name.


Finally, we will single out another luxury apartment that has recently been offered by Novi apartmani portal. It is Oaza, spacious and luxurious accommodation located in the residential and business complex Oaza near the Monument of Vuk. It is a condominium with an underground garage, an indoor enclosed yard and additional facilities such as a supermarket, beauty salon, pharmacy, fitness center with a swimming pool, which are intended exclusively for the residents of the complex, as well as their guests. The price of the apartment includes the use of a garage space, which makes this accommodation different from many others.

High popularity and exclusiveness of these apartments led to the fact that most luxury apartments, and SPA apartments may be rented at least for a 5 day stay. However, the apartments DELUXE, Diamond Spa, Play, Romantik and Arena Spa can be rented even for a 2-day stay. Check out on time the web site of Novi apartmani and pick the accommodation which will fulfill your expectations and spend the New Year holidays in a way you will never forget.

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