Magnifico on April 15th performs in Belgrade

A Slovenian music star, Robert Pešut, aka Magnifico, is to hit the stage in Belgrade on 15 April 2018 in Belexpocentar.

Magnifico on April 15th performs in Belgrade

Robert Pešut, a musician of Slovenian-Serbian origin, typically perceived by the media as intriguing, good-humoured and widely-known for engaging into different genres and topics, has built his reputation in Serbia based on the cooperation with the director Dragan Bjelogrlic, on several projects and occasions. Above all, he composed the music for the television series „Montevideo, Bog te video“ and „Vidimo se u Montevideu“. The music for the recently broadcast hit series „Senke na Balkanu“ (The Shadows over the Balkans), further contributed to the critical acclaim the series received among the viewers.

This Slovenian author and composer has been an independent performer and creator for almost 25 years, during which he released 11 albums. His 4th album „Export/Import“ gains him recognition among the general and professional public and significant success across Europe. Today, Magnifico is an easily recognizable author who describes his own music as a retro chic mixture of Balkans disco schlager music and jazz. His music is inspired by the schlager music of the ex-Yugoslav scene, accompanied with the elements of latin, jazz, reggae and Balkans sound. Magnifico has built the reputation of a regional musician and performer, composer, singer, actor and producer, surrounded with the indispensable air of good humour, as his trademark. With his first three albums already, „Od srca od srca“ (Between Two Hearts), „Gdo je čefur“ (Who’s Gay) and „Sexy Boy“, Magnifico introduced himself as a diverse and unusual author who is pushing the boundaries and stirs up the public reactions. The song which represented Slovenia in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2002 - „Love only“, performed by the trio of transvestites „The Sisters“, caused the anti-gay riots in Slovenia and parliamentary debates. This whole situation launched Magnifico as the LGBT icon in Slovenia, and even across its borders.

His latest studio album was released in September 2016, under the name „Charlatan de Balkan“, followed by the „Komplet II“, a best-off compilation released in late 2017. Some of Magnifico’s most popular tunes, such as „Hir ai kam, Hir ai go“ and „Giv Mi Mani“ have become the well-known radio and clubbing hits, and his music was included among some of the most popular Putamayo compilations, Balkan Beats Vol 3, and other less known remix editions.

The last time Magnifico performed in Belgrade was 4 years ago, in the Sava Centre venue, jointly with the Serbian Army Orchestra and Luz Kasal, with whom he also cooperated on Montevideo projects. The concert was full of great energy, fun and emotions and lasted for more than two hours. The special guest at the concert was famous Rambo Amadeus with his authentic and always unpredictable perfomance which fitted perfectly this music event.
The Belgrade audience had the opportunity to listen to some of the most memorable hits, such as „Pukni zoro“, „Samo malo“, including the cha-cha version of „Marš na Drinu“ (the army march song) and many others.

We are certain that Magnifico’s song list for this concert will include his greatest hits, with perhaps somewhat different arrangement.
If you’re planning to spend this 15 April in Belgrade, and you happen to be very fond of Magnifico’s music, we recommend that you settle down in some of the apartments located in New Belgrade, which you can check out in our offer of apartments in New Belgrade, which will enable you to be within the walking distance from the Belexpocenter – this year’s concert venue. You can be carefree at the concert and enjoy the pleasant spring night afterwards to return to your comfortable accommodation.

See you at the concert!

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