Marina Abramović in the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade

One of the most influential artists of our time is to hold exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Art, in her birthtown Belgrade.

Marina Abramović in the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade

This year, Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade is to organise an exhibition „The Cleaner“ by Marina Abramović. The exhibiiton will be launched on September 21st and will last until January 20th, 2020. „The Cleaner“ made a debut in 2017 in Sweden and afterwards toured across Denmark, Norway, Germany, Italy and Poland. The last stop on the tour is Belgrade, which comes as no surprise, as Begrade is also a birthplace and the place where the career of this world-renown artist was actually launched.

Even the ones who are not thoroughly informed about the artist’s work have heard at least once her name, as quite justly, she is recognised as one of the most influential artists alive, and therefore quite present in public. She was born in 1946, of Montenegrin-Serbian origin and completed her studies in Belgrade and Zagreb.
On several occasions during her career, she used to be a lecturer at different academies and faculties worldwide, and is also known around the globe as the conceptual performance artist.

„The Cleaner“ is the retrospective of Marina Abramović, which in cronological order, reviews the phases of her work and art, since her first paintings. This was followed by conceptual works and solo performances and joint work with her former partner Ulay. After this phase, the artist resorts back to her solo career and confirms the status of one of the most significant artists in the world. Her performance art was immensely in the spotlight during 1970s when she set out to test the endurance of the human body and mind. Some of the most well-known are „Rhythm 10“, the famous performance with knives, performed in Edinburgh 1973. Then there was the performance from 1974 when she entered the center of a big star set on fire and lost consciousness due to lack of oxygen. The loss of consciousness was also suffered during the performance „Rhythm 4“, where she tested the lung capacity with a high-power industrial fan. In „Rhythm 0“, the artist undertook a passive role and offered to the audience different objects which could be used to provide pleasure or pain. The performance lasted for six hours. „The Artist is Present“ is a famous performance which took place in MoMA New York. This performance was also attended by visitors and some of the celebrities as well, such as Lou Reed, Bjork, Lady Gaga.


This performance lasted for more than 763 hours during which the artist sat in a chair motionless, with visitors sitting across her.

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