Massimo at Sava Centar hall

Belgrade air will once again be filled with the unique and specific voice, as the Serbian capital hosts famous and beloved Massimo Savic.

Massimo at Sava Centar hall

One of the immensely popular and beloved music performers, and primarily a vocal performer in the whole of the region is the Croatian singer and musician Massimo Savic. Massimo was born in 1962 in Pula, Croatia but the childhood was marked with frequent changes of residence due to the divorce of his parents. Also, due to his father’s early death, Massimo usually spent most of his time with his mother and her family. He used to travel a lot in the childhood and early youth, so he lived in Istria, Italy and Australia. Having spent several years in Australia, Massimo returned to Croatia to finish secondary school, at the time of going through his most sensitive, adolescent period. During those years, he was through some really difficult times, but he managed to stay on the right track.

At the time, he started to get more interested in music and he bought an electric guitar. He was 17 when he moved to Zagreb and launched his music career. Together with his friends he started the band Dorian Gray. This new wave/synth pop band released two albums– „Sjaj u tami“ and „Za tvoje oči“. The band’s popularity rose quickly with the high-quality songs and especially owing to the memorable and unique voice of Massimo Savic. During their gig in Sweden, the band broke apart as they blamed each other for the band’s poor financial situation and overall bad atmosphere.

Afterwards, Massimo moves on and pursues a very successful solo career and in the period from 1987-1995 he released five albums in cooperation with Zrinko Tutic. At the same time, Massimo was involved in several art pop and rock projects – an English language album „Elements“ and album „Metal Guru“ in cooperation with the „Labin Art Express“. After 1998, Massimo withdraws from music stage and eventually in 2003 releases an album „Massimo“. In the years that followed, this charismatic and unique singer has produced, alone or in cooperation with other musicians in the region, numerous much loved songs. In cooperation with the band Meritas he released a single „Odjednom ti“ which is still one of their most popular songs. Also, his interpretation of the songs, such as „Libar“ and „Oprosti“, „Stranac u noći“ with Nina Badrić, and a famous hit song „Bacila je sve niz rijeku“, „Stine“, „Moja Voda“ and many others were officially released in the compilation album „Vještina“ . Later on, the similar compilation album was recorded „Vještina 2“ which also included his own songs. Some other albums which emerged in the meantime include „Sunce se rađa“, „Dodirni me slučajno“, „1 dan ljubavi“, „Isti osjećaj“ along with many other compilations and singles. The work of this productive artist was recognised years ago with the awards, winning some of them even for several times, such as Porin award –for the best male performer. The last album so far is entitled „Sada“ and includes fourteen fantastic songs. Some of them have already become huge hits. Belgrade audience is always looking forward to his concerts and unique performance.

This fantastic singer will make us even happier as he will organise a concert in Belgrade, at Sava Centre hall, on the Valentine’s Day, on February 14, 2019. As he is also very fond of performing in front of Belgrade audience, Massimo already announced that he is „genuinely looking forward to this very evening“ and will try to make the „Valentine’s evening unforgettable.“

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Looking forward to seeing you in Sava Centre!

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