Museum Night 2019

For the 16th time in Serbia and Belgrade at the Museum Night, many culture institutions, interesting as well as some unusual and intriguing places will welcome its numerous visitors.

Museum Night 2019

Organisers and sponsors of this important event are proudly announcing the 16th Museum Night. At the time when the first Museum Night was organised in Belgrade, only five museums participated with around 4,000 visitors. Only a few years later, this major cultural „epidemic“ spread not only across Belgrade, but to many other cities throughout Serbia.

Nowadays, Museum Night takes place in more than 60 towns in Serbia with more than 60 cultural institutions in Belgrade participating. During one night only, hundreds of thousands of people visit intriguing and interesting places, and not only the major galleries, theatres and exhibition areas, but many other venues accessible only at this special night.

The whole programme is categorised in several tours and thematic categories, and each year there is a central cross-cutting idea, which is an integral ingredient of the entire offer presented to the visitors. So, after great and small revolutions and great and small victories, it is time now to talk about Freedom. Within the tour Untold stories, organised in cooperation with the Viasat History channel, the visitors will revisit the one and unique Woodstock festival, the hippie era, the nightlife from several decades ago, the old taverns and in a nutshell – the spirit of freedom which dominated the years that passed.


How was freedom understood and fought for throughout the history and what is common in conquering the freedom, what is artistic freedom and what are the forms of freedom that most of us would never think of? We hope this Museum Night will give you answers to some of these questions and inspire us to think more of this topic. This Museum Night is also the opportunity for us to visit some new places that we would not otherwise be able to visit, and also see from different perspective some of the well-known institutions, such as the National Museum or the Ethnographic Museum. This year’s Museum Night will take place on May 18th, starting from 16.00h and closing at midnight.

If you’re a true museum fan and also a fan of this major event and you’re planning to visit Belgrade mid-May, in the section STRICT CENTRE you can find the apartment which will live up to all your expectations. The offer is really diverse, just like this year’s Museum Night.

Novi apartmani wishes you great time at Museum Night!

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