Piloti rocking in Belgrade

The Belgrade iconic pop and rock band Piloti are to hit the stage in Belgrade in early November at one of the most famous Belgrade concert venues.

Piloti rocking in Belgrade

Zoran Kiki Lesandrić, the famous songwriter, guitarist, producer and frontman of the legendary Belgrade pop-rock band Piloti is a man who needs no introduction to all of us who grew up in this region since early eighties! One of the pioneers of the "new wave", who, as part of the Belgrade team of superb rock musicians, paved the path for everything that has been recorded in the musical and cultural history of this part of the world. Later, growing up together with his audience, Kiki made a very smooth transition flirting with the pop sound which he successfully embedded into his existing song arrangements, creating a unique and recognizable sound.

Long ago, in 1981, the band released their first album under the same name, and their hit songs have since made a memorable impression on the pop-rock scene. "Ne veruj u idole", "Kada sanjamo”, “To je sudbina”, “Zaboravljeni”, “Kao ptica na mom dlanu" are just some of the legendary hits that almost all of us know by heart! With the record "Mesec na vratima", released in 2008, the band returns to the very top of the Serbian and regional music scene. The songs "Te noći smo se potukli zbog nje" and "Kako si lepa" immediately stood out and to this day represent a mandatory part of the repertoire of this famous Belgrade band.

This will also be their first concert in the hall of the former Dom sindikata venue, which is now called the MTS hall. It is definitely a great honor for any band, because a concert in this hall has always been seen as something unique. At this concert, the band will present their new album "Mali tragovi na nebu", but rest assured that they will also play some of their memorable hits. Kiki has announced some surprises at this concert that will surely please everyone who comes to the MTS hall on Nikola Pašić square in Belgrade on November 3rd.

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