Rambo conquering Belgrade once again

Rambo Amadeus, an eccentric composer, songwriter, superb guitar player, actor, and „mega tzar“ as he would call himself, is to perform in Belgrade.

Rambo conquering Belgrade once again

Antonije Pusic, widely known as Rambo Amadeus, is to hold a concert in Hall 1 of Belgrade's Kombank Hall on December 26, 2019.

This eccentric composer and songwriter, vocal performer and guitarist was born in Kotor in 1963, grew up in Herceg Novi, lives and works in Belgrade today, where he graduated. After releasing his first album, he referred to his musical style as turbo folk, a name that was later used in the 1990s for newly-made folk music, but also to illustrate the moral and cultural demise of the Belgrade scene and the breakthrough of stars of newly-composed folk music.

His music features a combination of different music genres, such as hip-hop, drum'n' bass, rock, jazz, folk, and many others. The lyrics of his songs are often very satirical, with reference to social and political events as well as mockery of human nature. Over the course of his career, he has recorded over fifteen studio albums as well as several compilations, collaborated with other musicians, and has also done movie soundtracks, music for theatre and commercials.

His first album „O tugo jesenja“ was released in 1988 and followed by „Hoćemo gusle“ and others. In early 2000s, he released the following albums „Don't happy be worry“, „Čobane, vrati se“ etc. Some of his first hits were „Glupi hit“, „Balkan Boy“, “Smrt popa Mila Jovović“, „Inspektor Nagib“, „Zdravo damo“ and others...

In addition to an interesting mixture of sound and intriguing lyrics, moderate political activism, Rambo has always demonstrated unique interpretation. Rambo rarely performs his songs in original studio form at his concerts, as he always improvises and delivers different performance each time. Because of this, the Belgrade audience is definitely going to experience good energy, tense atmosphere and unforgettable performance.

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