Ready for 51 BEMUS and Vanessa Mae

BEMUS – Belgrade Music Festival is to take place for the 51st time, from 6-19 October 2019, much to the joy of all festival goers looking for high-quality music pieces.

Ready for 51 BEMUS and Vanessa Mae

Ever since its foundation, long ago in 1969, BEMUS has been seen as one of the most significant cultural events in Serbia. Bemus - Belgrade Music Festival is the oldest and most prominent music event in Serbia recognized throughout Southeastern Europe as one of the most important events of artistic music.

Bemus programme is always committed to promoting the work of local music artists, as well as the work of young, up-and-coming talents. However, this festival would not have the reputation it has today if it had not opened its doors to the world famous soloists and philharmonic orchestras. The guests at Bemus festival so far have included Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Beijing Opera and many other notable ensembles and orchestras, ballets and soloists from all around the world.

This year's Belgrade Music Festival will be held for the 51st time in a row, from October 6-19, 2019 and the opening ceremony will be held at the Sava Center, while the festival concerts will also be held at the Kolarac Hall, Kombank Hall and the Ethnographic Museum. The official opening of the festival at the Sava Center will be marked with a concert of Angela Gheorghiu, a soprano, considered one of the most prominent opera divas in the world. She will perform together with the RTS Philharmonic orchestra.

The famous cellist Natalie Clein will perform alongside the Slovenian Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra and one of the more notable concerts will certainly be the performance of the well-known Vanessa Mae whose popularity goes far beyond the typical concert audience.

It will certainly be interesting for many to follow the performance of pianist Niu-Niu, who is on a world tour this year and is considered to be China's "child pianist prodigy." The official closing ceremony of Bemus also marks the 80th anniversary of the RTS Choir.

If you are in Belgrade during this period, make sure to visit any of the concerts at this year's Bemus, because each one is hand-picked and is the event of exquisite quality.

We from Novi apartmani have always been fond of and gladly attended all music events in Belgrade. If you’re planning to visit this year’s Bemus, we suggest that you check out some of the apartments in the section Strict center and submit yourself to the notes and rhythms played just for you by some of the finest musicians in the world.

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