Ready for a new FEST

Belgrade will host FEST event for the 48th time from February 28 to March 8, 2020, and again be seen as the center of the seventh art of this part of Europe.

Ready for a new FEST

This year's FEST International Film Festival will take place between February 28 and March 8, 2020. This 48th edition of the prestigious film festival will present to us the best film achievements of the previous year under the slogan „Emotion gatherers“.
Every year, the FEST International Film Festival brings back the best films from the previous year. Even before the official program of the festival comes out, we can know for sure that we will see films that have been nominated in various categories or have already won some of the most important film awards. This is why „Jojo Rabit“ was included in the festival program - the film was nominated in six categories for the Academy Award, for Best Film, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress (Scarlett Johansen), Best Costume, Best Set and Best Editing, and has already won the Audience Award for Best Film at the Toronto Festival. It is a film made by the eccentric director Taika Waititi, and is considered to be a touching experience. A 10-year-old named Jojo Becler is a member of Hitler's youth and is completely obsessed with Nazi ideology. His life in Germany during the war was filled with socializing with an imaginary friend – Hitler. When he discovers that his mother protects Jews during the war, and even hides a Jewish girl in his attic, his world will change, and his beliefs will be challenged. This black comedy, colored by the characteristic director’s humor, will make someone laugh, or make someone angry or crying. In any case, it will be shown in three separate screenings at the Fest so it should not be missed.

Also, this year's edition of FEST brings us a biographical story of a woman in America during slavery, who fought for the liberation of slaves and for women's rights afterwards. It is all about Harriet Tabman, one of the most famous women in American history, in the Oscar-nominated film "Hariet" for the lead female role.

For fans of Clint Eastwood's films, FEST is bringing us another achievement this year that tells of a man who discovered a bomb at the 1996 Olympics and by doing so saved many lives. Still, sensationalism and media speculation ruined his life. "Richard Jewell" was nominated in the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, interpreted by the famous Cathy Bates.

This 48th edition of the Fest will be officially opened by Srdjan Golubovic's film, „Father”. It is a film about a poverty-stricken man who is deprived of custody of his children. Yet this man does not surrender to humiliation and despair, but decides to fight back.

The festival will feature over ninety premiere films. We will get to see the films of different genres, fiction and documentaries from all over the world. FEST is being held this year under the slogan "Emotion gatherers" and is dedicated to the memory of a great actor Bekim Fehmiu, whose achievements will also be shown within the programme FEST Classic.

If you are a proper fan of high-quality cinema and you will be in Belgrade at this time to experience the whole festival programme, we from Novi apartmani suggest that you check out our web site and especially the section New Belgrade and pick one of many fantastic apartments near the Sava Center, the central and well-known venue of this festival and enjoy the 10 superb festival days surrounded by comfort.

If you’ve never been to Belgrade during the FEST festival, then this period of the year will be perfect. Do enjoy Belgrade which turns into a glamour center at this time of the year, with all its splendour and exquisiteness, the features so typical for the film and film-making industry.

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